Exclusive Scout Comics Preview: Adam Barnhardt’s SH*TSHOW #1

SH*TSHOW #1 hits the October PREVIEWS Catalog and your local comic book shop in December, but thanks to Scout Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive four-page preview for our readers. The cover definitely gives you all the feelings of 2020.

The book is written and created by Adam Barnhardt, with art by Samir Simão, Warnia Sahadewa drops some color, and you will read LetterSquids’ letter work.

About SH*TSHOW #1:
There was once an Age of Heroes, a time Earth was protected by the demigod hero Legend and his band of heroes called Legend’s Legion until one day, the three-headed demon Balam was summoned to the planet. In the ensuing fight, the powers were ripped away from any enabled beings on the planet — heroes and villains, alike. Battered, broken, and losing his entire Legion in the process, Legend was able to cobble together whatever remaining powered beings he could find but by that time, Balam was long gone.


To try coping with an all-new world, the heroes banded together to form The Magnificent McCoys, a traveling circus where the performers use their powers to entertain the masses in a time where powers are rare. A god with a dying star for a heart, Legend has taken Balam’s destruction worse than anyone and has since become a crippling alcoholic. Then suddenly one day, Balam returns. Will Legend be able to stay sober long enough to use his powers and end this threat once and for all or will he give up only to doom humanity forever?

Enjoy The Preview Below:

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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