Exclusive Preview: Jamie Jones’ THE WHISPER – The Legacy Trope

Comics is really the only medium that has the legacy trope, and it is, hands down, my favorite thing about superheroes.

Tampa Bay artist and creator, Jamie Jones has put quite an impressive idea down on comic book paper and Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive look at the first five pages of The Whisper.

The Whisper is an ongoing anthology comic that will be released in chapters; each one a self-contained five-page short story. Each short is written by a different writer with art by Jones. What makes this book unique will be the fact Jones uses a different art style for each chapter.

The Whisper was one of those crazy/stupid ideas that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere. The kind of project you and your friends talk about making, but never actually plan to make it. But here we are seven stories in and no end in sight,” said Jones.

“”It’s an experiment on legacy in comics. The evolution of a character passed from creator to creator over decades. The total reworking of an outdated character. The replacement of a fallen hero. Comics is really the only medium that has the legacy trope, and it is, hands down, my favorite thing about superheroes. I wanted to play in that space in a short amount of time. Several creators adding and changing the character as they seem fit. The Whisper doesn’t exist or work with without the idea of hundreds of artist lending their talents to make him “real.”
It’s all respect. It’s respect for artists, its respect for the medium. The Whisper is my love letter to superheroes. I’m excited to see where it goes. The writers I have lined up for the second wave are great. And the stories are only getting crazier,” said Jones.

In June, the first six chapters of The Whisper will be available at HeroesCon in an oversized comic book. If you want to read the book digitally, Jones has created a Patreon page to support the project as well.


Chapter 1 is written by Jones, chapter 2 by Vita Ayala, chapter 3 by Matthew Jones, chapter 4 by Ryan Williams, chapter 5 by Frank Barbiere, and chapter 6 by Tres Dean.

Check out the preview below:

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