Exclusive Preview: AFRAID OF EVERYTHING With Special Message From Adam Tierney

Afraid of Everything hits your local comic shop this week, but thanks to IDW Publishing, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive preview and message from the author, Adam Tierney.

Exclusive Preview: AFRAID OF EVERYTHING With Special Message From Adam Tierney

Hello all you Monkeys & Robots!

Are you ready for something genuinely dark and risky and occasionally quite messed up?

My name’s Adam, and I put together a collection of single-page phobia short stories called “AFRAID of EVERYTHING.”

You know, most of the creepy books I buy for my own kids these days tend to be more “spoooooky” (air quotes) than actual horror, so I wanted to create something different.

I grew up in the 80’s, with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, R.L. Stine books, and the creepier Shel Silverstein poems. Those horror stories for kids were actually pretty dang unsettling!

Let me introduce you to some stories like the ones that traumatized me as a kid (just a little.)

AFRAID of EVERYTHING is an A to Z compendium of horrible fears (and some horrible kids). The book is aimed at kids ages 8-12 who love to get freaked out, but the art and writing should appeal to just about any age.

Just for the MFR crowd, I picked out four of the weirdest, darkest, and funniest stories in the book. If you like what you read here, there are 33 more stories in the hardcover book, which is releasing from IDW Publishing on Tuesday, June 2nd!

Please enjoy.

Adam Tierney, author

About Afraid of Everything:
Matthieu Cousin is the artist for the cover and interior.
What kind of scared are you? Find out in these fun horror stories for young readers based on a range of phobias from Arachnophobia to Zoophobia!

As the sun goes down, grab a group of your closest friends and huddle together under a blanket, reading by flashlight, frozen with terror at every creek and snap heard throughout your house! These tales of fear, dread, risk, and doom contain all the classic elements of horror that young fans crave without the gore.

Features 26 terrifying short stories, each based on a different A-to-Z phobia and accompanied by a unique illustration. Read fun and scary tales about Frigophobia (freezing), Lygophobia (shadows), Melissophobia (bees), Scopophobia (being watched), and many more!

Also included are 11 bonus stories featuring art by Temmie Chang, Mariel Cartwright, and Ko Takeuchi plus a section detailing the origins and developments of the stories and art.

Are you going to pick up Afraid of Everything? Comment below with your thoughts and reaction.

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