Exclusive Mad Cave Studios Preview: HONOR AND CURSE #7 Returns

Honor and Curse #7 hits your local comic book shop in January 2021, but thanks to Mad Cave Studios, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a seven-page preview of the supernatural, shinobi thriller to share with our readers. You can also read Honor and Curse #1 for free over at madcavestudios.com.

The book is written by Mark London, with art by Nicolas Salamanca, Tekino handled colors, and you will read Miguel Angel Zapata’s letter work.

“When I first came up with the idea for Honor and Curse, it was supposed to be a straightforward ninja tale with some historical elements and tons of action. However, once I started diving into the research, I became fascinated by all of the mythology surrounding the era and the story morphed into what it is today; a story about a talented ninja possessed by an evil mountain spirit known as a Tengu. With the fantastic art that Nicolas and Tekino bring to the table, I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have in store for Genshi, Akemi, and the rest of the Iga clan,” said Mark London via Mad Cave Studios PR.

About Honor and Curse #7:
With the return of Genshi Sakagura and the Tengu, the second arc of this story will see Genshi continue training to control the tormenting spirit within him. Meanwhile, after the death of her father, Lord Haruki, Akemi has been doing some training of her own and now plans to protect the Iga with a shinobi skill set. All the while, the Koga see the death of Haruki as the perfect opportunity to strike at the rival
Iga clan.

“Honor and Curse is a comic that I have a lot of affection for, not only because of the fact that it is set in feudal Japan, but it has allowed me to grow as an artist. I definitely consider it an honor and not a curse to continue working with Mark and Tekino on this incredible story,” said Nicolas Salamanca via Mad Cave Studios PR.

Check out the seven-page preview below:

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