Edgar Allan Poe Film Adaptations: 5 Stories That Need To Be Properly Adapted

Edgar Allan Poe, an author, poet, and master of the macabre and horror, certainly has no shortage of film or TV adaptations based off of his work. Edgar Allan Poe’s IMDB profile lists 337 credits to him as a writer to many TV and film adaptations, and though it doesn’t best William Shakespeare’s over 1100, nor are they all exact adaptations, Poe certainly has made his rounds in the cinematic realm. Though Edgar Allan Poe certainly has many adaptations, they are sadly of the same several stories.

The Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Black Cat, and The House of Usher are some of the short list of stories that have been adapted to death. So, what else is there? How fortune you have inquired because Edgar Allan Poe has so many more short stories and novels to be made. Below are five excellent tales of macabre and madness, in no particular order, that would delight the fancy of any fan of cinema and Edgar Allan Poe, of course.




1)William Wilson

A tale of doppelgängers and madness would certainly tickle the fancy of curious horror or suspense filmgoers, right? Though this Edgar Allan Poe story has been adapted in ’60s, alas, it was not true to the story like so many others.



2) Metzengerstein

The tale of rival families, possession, equestrians, and suspense could certainly titillate horror fans of the Sleepy Hollow genre. Sadly, it also had a poor ’60s adaptation, and nothing more.



3) Berenice

The Edgar Allan Poe story that is considered his most violent story, in retrospect maybe not, certainly would appeal to Gothic horror, gore, and other…types…of horror fans? This tale of madness exists between two wealthy cousins in a big Gothic mansion, and some somnambulist medical work. This has yet to be adapted at all.




4) The Oval Portrait

Edgar Allan Poe’s tale of obsession, art, and death would likely be a change of pace for the current crop of horror out there, but maybe appealing to the Are You Afraid of the Dark? generation of fans. Suspense, drama, and horror are all captured in this very short tale that done incorrectly, with way too much filler and fluff, would take away from this Poe classic.




5) A Tale of the Ragged Mountains

A tale of mesmerism, potential reincarnation, cat-eyed patients, creepy, atmospheric mountains, and more than enough mystery to go around. This little backpacking, science trip is sure to bring in old school Sci-fi fans, if done right and accurately.


Edgar Allan Poe has a vast library of fantastic tales of humor, horror, shock, suspense, and Sci-fi, so this list is certainly is not all that needs to be adapted.

Did your choice make the list?

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David Joseph
David Joseph
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