Donny Cates And Ryan Stegman Relaunch VENOM in May

Marvel Comics is announcing new creative teams for its FRESH START relaunch of the company, the first was Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness for Avengers, and now we have Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman taking on Venom.

“The greatest Venom stories, to me at least, are a mixture of the alien outside and the human inside. Ryan and I are certainly amping things up here. Venom is a character that I’ve been wanting to write since I was nine years old, and this is my opportunity to really sit down on a title and tell an enormous story. This is the biggest, most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted for sure. It’s such an incredible honor to be steering the Venom ship during this amazing time in the characters life. With the 30th anniversary and the movie this year, we certainly wanted to shoot for the moon here. The ramifications of the Venom title will be felt line-wide in the months and years to come. If y’all thought Thanos and Strange were insane…well, strap in, because you ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Cates to Comic Book.

About Venom #1:
In the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York, and with it, something equally evil has awakened in that most Wicked of Webslingers – VENOM! Still a Lethal Protector of the innocents in New York, this never-before-seen threat could force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear – including Eddie Brock!

Venom #1 hits your local comic book store in May.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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