Dolph Ziggler Should Benefit From WWE Draft

With Smackdown going live this Tuesday, all the talk surrounds the WWE Draft. Who will anchor The Blue Brand and who will lead the way for The Red Brand (Raw)? Those questions will surely be answered with the first two picks by each brands respective commissioner’s on July 19th. And while the top picks for each brand figure to be main event players, it’s the picks in the later rounds where each brand might find forgotten or under-the-radar names who could jump back into the thick of major storylines.

Dolph Ziggler is one name who should pick up some momentum once the rosters for each show are set.

Ziggler’s momentum was at an all-time high after Survivor Series in 2014. After overcoming The Authority as part of Team Cena (with a little help from Sting), Dolph’s momentum was somehow wasted and he ended up meddling in the midcard with Ryback and Erick Rowan.


Fast forward to today and Dolph Ziggler is still a WWE Universe favorite.

Dolph Ziggler WWE Draft

Yet somehow, Ziggler remains stuck in mid-card purgatory and while WWE needs it’s mid-card players, Dolph has the talent and mic skills to be a main-event guy. At the very least he should be competing for a secondary title. Instead, he was stuck in a feud with Baron Corbin, a feud that lasted a little too long and a feud that did little to really push Corbin and Ziggler.

WWE might be looking to push other talents like AJ Styles and Finn Balor into the main even spotlight after the WWE Draft but Ziggler shouldn’t be taken for granted or get lost in the roster shuffle.

Whether it’s Smackdown or Raw, Dolph has an opportunity to get back in the limelight. His match with Seth Rollins a few weeks ago on Monday Night was arguably the best of the night and given the chance to carry the ball and run with it, Dolph could be back challenging for a major championship.

Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerardo Gonzalez
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