Newest Disney Funko Pops Give Princesses the Royal Treatment

The Disney Funko Pop! figure collection is expanding again, this time with “deluxe” versions of some classic princesses, according to the Funko Blog. Yes, I will admit–I love Funkos of all shapes and sizes. However, as the line of vinyl figures continues to expand, I find myself drawn more to those that have something unique about them. The new line of Disney princesses fits that bill.

Do We Really Need More Disney Funko? (Yep)

Instead of the standard character standing with its arms by its sides, the new figures show the girls dancing, twirling, moving in some way. They are also more screen-accurate than some of their predecessors. Cinderella’s stark yellow hair has been toned down and Rapunzel finally has her signature floral braid.

Ariel, Tiana, and Belle all have on different dresses than their predecessors. Ariel in particular comes in both matte and sparkly, though the glittered version is a Hot Topic exclusive.

What They Could Have Done Better

Perhaps the only disappointing element of the new princess collection is a distinct lack of tiny companions. One tactic Funko has used to make new figures of the same characters more enticing is adding an additional, albeit tiny, companion to the main character. Original Rapunzel came with Pascal, and Tiana was accompanied by a tiny Prince Naveen in frog form. The new figures could have taken advantage of this trend with Chip, Sebastian, Gus, etc.

The newest princesses are on their way to retailers this fall.

Do you collect Funko figures? What makes you add one of these vinyl cuties to your bookcase/ desk/ shelf? Tell us your thoughts and show off your collection below.


Jen Schiller
Jen Schiller
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