“Digimon Is Better Than Pokemon” Claims MTV writer

“Digimon is better than Pokemon” was a phrase I heard a lot when I was in elementary school. Although I also heard a lot of “Pokemon is better than Digimon” as well. I never really chose a side but it seems even today this argument is still being had, and it seems both sides are as passionate as ever.

Before you click the link to the article where MTV columnist Crystal Bell does her speak about a debate we thought was long over, I want you to listen to my thoughts on the subject. For the most part I don’t really enjoy critiquing these kids shows as an adult and holding them up against each other. I mean they are both shows to sell toys. Kind of like most of the American TV shows in the 80’s and 90’s. I think both shows have their strengths and there is a reason that they are still coming up with content for both. But comparing them seems kind of pointless to me. The way I see it is if a grown adult compared different flavors of baby food. Sure they can compare the differences better than a baby can, but in the end it’s just baby food. I don’t want to kick over anyones childhood here, but I think it’s a sign of maturity when we can look back and admit “its just baby food” and that’s okay. We can still like baby food. What we shouldn’t be doing is acting like that same baby food should be critiqued the same way as a filet minion.

Anyway those are just my ramblings about this situation. Click here for the article if you’re interested in joining the fight or just want to hear someone elses view of the argument.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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