Development Continues, Charlotte – Episode 5

Welcome back to the Charlotte analysis. On this episode the power of the week is levitation. And boy does it not matter at all. After seeing this episode and comparing it to last episode I think I realize why these “power of the week” episodes keep happening. They’re devices to put our main characters in situations to develop and reveal things about themselves that feels natural while still giving us glimpses of whats to come in future episodes. But just because this is noticeable doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing. Everything that still leads up these moments fits correctly with the context and goal of the show.

But like last episode this is also a transitional episode that will most likely lead into some main objective. Its obvious that they are building the characters and preparing them for what is to come. As well as introducing characters and themes that will be addressed and resolved in later episodes. Charlotte is taking its time to let the impact that its sure to let out be as meaningful and satisfying as possible. And like a good soup, it all comes down to how you cook the broth. Yeah I just compared the first five episodes of Charlotte to broth, what of it?

One element of the “broth” is Nao being forced out of class by a group of girls and being mercilessly beat up. It seems that this happens a lot and it also seems that it is because of some sort of grudge against Nao. My guess would have to be that there are people who Nao couldn’t save from the scientists and got taken away. Which is why Nao takes these beatings without resistance. Which fits her quite well, seeing as Nao is probably harder on herself than anyone else. Maybe even getting beat up relieves her in a way, because she doesn’t know how else to pay for her mistakes. Of course I don’t really know, it’s just a guess.


Nao's beating

Also in this episode we get a little more context and importance to the music Nao is always listening to. She also decided to share it with Yu once she finds out that they both share the same feeling when they listen to it. Slowly were starting to get a look at Nao’s ambitions after this whole abilities phase is over. It’s nice to see that she’s not obsessing over it as much as she could. She still has real life goals and is working towards them even in the weird situation she finds herself in.

Shared feelings

Another thing is the relationship thats blooming between Yu and Nao. Yusa comments on how well they fit together, and asks if they are dating. While Jojiro reassures that they aren’t, he comments that their opposing personalities are very good for each other, and I’d have to agree with him. Every time they’re on-screen together their chemistry gets more and more apparent. And the fact that it’s a relationship forming out of curiosity instead of love makes it seem more real for characters like them. While it may seem now like there isn’t any romantic tension it sure is growing more and more possible as they grow to know each other, and everyone except themselves is able to see it. Honestly both of them don’t seem to be the type to just love someone just because, or notice when someone takes an earnest liking to them, so that wouldn’t really make any sense anyway. At least to me. Now I may be alone on this, but oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Yu and Nao's Chemistry

Speaking of love it was nice to get a lock on how Jojiro views this whole situation he finds himself in. If anything he sees his powers as a stepping stone he needs to cross in order to continue on with his life. As opposed to everyone else they’ve met who sees it as the next step in their life. While he may be observing for now, I think he will become a rock for other characters as the series goes on. Or maybe be revealed to be more unstable as he makes himself out to be.

Speaking of development, were finally starting to get a feel for what Yusa and Misa’s relationship was like before Misa died. It seems like while Misa may have been acting rough and strong, Yusa always looked at her as still being caring and compassionate. As for Misa’s view of her little sister, well that’s still pretty vague, but I expect them both to slowly start revealing things about each other as they get more and more comfortable with their new friends. I also expect Yusa’s spunky personality to let off the gas as well. Hopefully like this episode she will continue to show a more interesting side to herself, and the relationship she had/could have with Misa.

And did anyone do a personal fist bump when Ayumi made something without pizza sauce? Sure the only reason she did it was because they were out but it felt like as much as a victory for me as it was for Yu. And it brought out some hints about why Ayumi may feel so strongly about using it. Sure it may always seem obvious as a viewer but it doesn’t really hit home until you see the character express it on-screen instead of just implications. So seeing her put such an importance on the pizza sauce and how she connects it to their familial bond was nice.

As for Ayumi’s little cold I don’t think this is the last were going to see of that. Jun Maeda almost always has girls with “Anime Disease” in his works and I hope this isn’t that. Purely for the fact that I’d just like to see something else. While I don’t really know how it’ll be incorporated I feel that it might have something to do with her getting powers soon. Nao has brought up before how multiple people in a family can get powers and I’m sure it’s crossed Nao’s mind that Ayumi may develop them. As it stands now the most interesting thing that could happen if Ayumi gets powers is Yu’s reaction and the way he handles it. Since he knows what happened to Nao’s brother I feel that knowing his sister is vulnerable to the same fate may give him a dramatic change in character.

Ayumi's Illness

Like I said I do enjoy these episodes where it feels like the character development is natural, while still having a lot of weight and meaning behind it. But I certainly would like Charlotte to start answering some of the many questions its been laying down. That or for the stakes to be heightened. While a good set-up is important to the show, if left to linger too long it will leave the viewer disinterested no matter what it has planned ahead. Charlotte has layed an incredible framework for the characters and story, and I think the time has come to start kicking it into high gear.

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