Despicable Deadpool is a comic book released between 2017 and 2018. It is made by Gerry Duggan who gives us a take on the evil side of Deadpool hence the name – despicable. It goes without saying that there will be spoilers in this post and be warned.

The days of Deadpool being a superhero have ended. He has turned into what we love him for – an anti-hero. He starts with a shocking moment where he murders Cable in cold blood. Wade Wilson is out there to make sure that he is a good and compliant mercenary by finishing off his best friend. Tying off loose ends is one of the main points and thus he goes on a journey to complete the unfinished businesses like messing with Rogue, taking revenge on the agent of Hydra, and dealing with Madcap. This is not the end though, he even goes as far as to take out Apocalypse.

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This is looking like a mad killing spree here…well not that far from truth to be fair. Reminds me of the Deadpool 3rd Series number 23 where Deadpool travels to Las Vegas to take revenge on the owner of a nightclub that has been bad-mouthing him. Although, the way he deals with people in Despicable Deadpool is far from the “civilized” way he takes in the Tricky Here Comes a New Shooter where he just rigs the panic button in the club so that once the owner pushes it the explosion happens. Deadpool just calmly continues to a next casino and gambles as much as he wants. This is one of those episodes where Deadpool indulges in gambling. As a fun fact, in 2010, this caused a lot of commotion in the online gambling markets in parts of the world where it is legal. For example, we saw a lot of Deadpool themed casino promotions in Canada flashing off his despicable nature in the faces of fans who also indulge themselves with such affairs. Anyhow, back to the topic the idea is that Despicable Deadpool is a clear show of the antagonistic nature of our beloved character.

Although it is arguable that Deadpool is becoming more dangerous to himself rather than people around him as he becomes extremely reckless. Captain America makes an appearance where he is trying to hunt down an old shield tech to somehow calm Deadpool down. However, at this point, he is going full mayhem on the rest of the superhero community. Maria is trying to set up a task force to bring him in. Deadpool ends up dressing up as a Hawkeye and infiltrating the group. The real deal Hawkeye outs him and this is where the fight starts involving Wade Clint and Cate Bishop. This is a potshot taken at a previous series where Hawkeye and Deadpool are kinda begrudging friends. Here the latter is angry as hell at Hawkeye due to the sheer fact that he helped out the resistance back in the times when there was a need but once the tables turned against Deadpool nobody even bothered to ask his side of the story. Maria Hill is also dancing around the discrepancies about how Coulson actually died while taking full credit for everything Deadpool did during the Secret Empire.

One of the original agents of SHIELD is also informed about the affairs and decides to come back to Earth and finish the job. Captain America is successful in his endeavor and manages to put Preston’s body back. Preston is very much determined to help finish the job though since she was the one who started with Deadpool. With no other options left Wade decides to pick up one of the superweapons that he got from his previous missions. This is the one that makes him even more disgusting than he is. Everyone who comes into contact with him becomes sick. Falcon is one of the first who was unfortunate enough to feel this effect with even Iron Man literally drowning in his puke.


Even Gerry Duggan is not protected from these events. Deadpool while making his way to New Jersey where Dr. Butler had one of his labs set up. He carjacks Gerry’s car while breaking the 4th wall. After conversation Deadpool “kindly” demands the car and takes off towards the lab. What he wants there is the mind erasing drugs that Dr. Butler using while harvesting his organs. Since neither superheroes nor supervillains were able to kill him Wade decides to go for a final solution himself and take so many mind-altering drugs to just forget everything that has happened.

From physical to psychological

After taking this drug we go on to see a very cool sequence where Deadpool is literally killing off his memories. Not only does he erase his past with Captain America and Wolverine but he also deliberately forgets about his own daughter. His final memory looks like an Angel which tells him that until he learns to love himself no one else will. It is a harsh realization but good advice if you ask me.

The Deadpool crisis is essentially over here and agent Preston returns to her family. Since Deadpool has no memory of what happened he is not legally obligated to stand trial for his murderous spree this is taken to the mental ward and stays in looney condition for a while. Unfortunately, even this doesn’t end well due to the sheer luck where some other nutjob walks into the ward wearing a copy of Deadpool’s first costume that looked like pajamas. It makes him awaken and Wade starts fighting his way out of the psychiatric ward. At this point, we are met with another funny part where the ward staff look exactly like people working on the comics’ editorial team. As he leaves the asylum to start his new life we approach the end of Gerry Duggan’s Deadpool comic.

It is a fun ride to be fair and the final episodes are quite thrilling with additional funny iterations added with the inclusion of Gerry and the editorial staff in the comic itself where Deadpool is technically taking revenge on people who put him through so much pain and suffering. Overall the comic is fun to read and we believe is a good read for everyone.

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