Delicacy provides passionate detail into how a person's work as art can lead into delusional judgments.

DELICACY: How Passions And Love Can Turn Into Spite

Delicacy comes to comic stores on June 9 from IDW’s Top Shelf imprint. The creator, James Albon, thanks to some food industry insights, crafts a unique tragedy.

Delicacy With A Passion

Albon pulls a lot of influence from some friends in the restaurant and gardening markets to make a believable falling out story. Delicacy is ultimately about peoples’ struggles with hustle culture and how it can ruin relationships. From just the first pages, readers feel a struggle that brothers Rowan and Tulip inherent from their mother and aunt. The reader can’t help but empathize with the brothers as they seem to find a way to live their dreams. Tulip feels torn about his passions as a cook with his dishes’ detail and a restaurant owner’s financial worries. In juxtaposition is how Rowan’s rural lifestyle isolates him. The need for stability genuinely feels out of reach between them.

Innocence Turns Dreadful

Albon illustrates¬†Delicacy like a children’s book that brings about a sense of innocence. The bright colors of some decor match the dishes that Tulip prepares as if trying to match qualities. In this way, Tulip presents to his patrons a sense of joy that he hopes to convey through more than one sense. As the bright colors become more frequent, it begins to evoke a sense of intoxicating euphoria. As if all of the efforts to keep such a feeling going leads to mental degradation. Meanwhile, Rowan’s rural surroundings have tranquil aesthetics that feel comforting. Only to show bitterness with how the brothers’ mother hides anything man-made. Despite both settings trying to push each other away, they hide a mutual ugliness.

Taste The¬†Delicacy And You Won’t Get Enough

Delicacy is one of the best releases to come out this year. The efforts to evoke the main tragedy come off as genuinely authentic. From the attention to detail to character dynamics, this story is one to remember.

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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Delicacy provides passionate detail into how a person's work as art can lead into delusional judgments.DELICACY: How Passions And Love Can Turn Into Spite