Dean Ambrose Is The WWE’s Next Big Star, But Do They Know It Yet?

Wrestlemania is about 4 weeks away, and the biggest storyline going isn’t the main event, it’s an upcoming match between WWE Champion HHH and ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose has a title shot at Roadblock
photo: WWE

Ambrose has made himself the ever-present thorn in the side of the champion ever since The Authority targeted his buddy Roman Reigns and even more so when HHH claimed the belt at the Royal Rumble. Normally this would make for an interesting plot, the issue here is Ambrose isn’t ‘The Chosen One’, he’s not Roman Reigns, but he is probably the most popular superstar in the WWE right now not named Brock Lesnar. While he hasn’t been in the title picture for all that long, Dean Ambrose has had the audience behind him for the better part of a year now for the simplest of reasons. He has no agenda, he’s a dog chasing a car and the crowd loves it. His recent run as IC Champ really cemented what the WWE seems to not get, and what they keep insisting they have with Roman Reigns.  A bonafide superstar.

It’s no secret that Reigns is supposed to be the next face of the WWE. The future franchise star that can carry the company for the next decade or so, and it’s not working. The crowd doesn’t buy it because it is being forced upon them. Reigns was in the main event of last years main event at Mania, and got the title snatched from him by Seth Rollins, who would then go on to have a stellar run as champion until his knee injury last year. Now his other friend, the one who didn’t turn on him, is stealing his shine because he is simply better. Better in the ring, better on the microphone, and a much better story then the WWE could ever craft for Roman Reigns.


Dean Ambrose recently aggravated HHH into giving him a title opportunity at the upcoming special event, WWE Roadblock. Roadblock is one of 3 or 4 ‘special events’, basically glorified house shows, that the WWE will air this year. Roadblock also presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on Ambrose’s rising popularity and still keep Roman as their guy in reverse.

First Option: Make Dean Ambrose WWE World Heavyweight Champion

This is highly unlikely but it would make for the most interesting WrestleMania main event in the past few years. Brother against brother. Two of the WWE’s rising stars in the biggest match on the biggest show of the year for the WWE title. Probably not going to happen this year, but a definite possibility down the road.

Second Option: Dean Ambrose beats Triple H via DQ

This seems to be the most likely scenario. The WWE can’t deny the momentum that Ambrose has been building these past few months. He has a title match against one of the WWE’s biggest stars in Triple H, right before the biggest show of the year, and he can win by DQ, thus keeping the main event for April intact, and also rocketing him into a great position.

While Dean Ambrose may not be the “face” that the WWE is looking for, he can be so much more than he currently is. He can fill the void left by C.M. Punk in the vein of that smirking, smart aleck that has the crowd behind him no matter what. He also has a better chance considering all the injuries plaguing the WWE lately with the current absences of John Cena, Randy Orton, and the former champ Seth Rollins.

WWE Roadblock airs March 12 on the WWE Network

WWE Wrestlemania airs April 3 on the WWE Network


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