DEADLY CLASS #35 Loaded With Beautiful & Bloody Iconic Moments

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Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s punk rock masterpiece of violence goes into overdrive heading into a break. Deadly Class #35 is so loaded up with chaos and drama, it’s impossible to take your eyes off of it.

Deadly Class 35 cvr



After gaining the upper hand on his arch-nemesis, Viktor, Marcus declares his new mission of forgiveness. There are a lot of monsters littering and bordering King’s Dominion, but Marcus has found a way to rise above and live for something other than revenge.

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Remender puts his cast through a real rough go of it in this arc. Our new students have firmly planted themselves amongst the best characters in the series. They all have considerable baggage and trauma with them now as well.

Wes Craig has been putting on a stellar show, especially with the brutal action sequences. Every crunch of bone and slice of skin is felt by the reader. There aren’t many comics on the shelf that can be this violent and gorgeous at the same time.

We’ve been growing along with these characters for thirty-five issues now and nothing has come close to feeling stale. Jordan Boyd has been the perfect colorist to make Craig’s art explode off the page and infest your brain with high-octane comic porn.

Deadly Class #35 is absolutely loaded with memorable iconography. Marcus and Maria leaving Viktor behind, Helmut holding Petra in the alley, Helmut and Marcus standing over Petra’s grave. Every few pages there’s a bombshell that’ll be burned into the skull of every Deadly Class fan.

Remender, Craig, and Boyd are one of the best creative trios in comic books today. They keep upping the ante and catching us off-guard even when we see something coming.

Deadly Class is among the elite ongoing comic book series. This spectacular thirty-fifth issue is a true testament to how addicting and well-crafted this title can be.

If you’re not reading Deadly Class, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Brandon J. Griffin
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