Monkeys Fighting Robots

This series will be a brief, semi-comedic review of the CW superhero shows. You can check out last week’s review post here. The only shows discussed will be ‘Arrow’, ‘Flash’, and ‘Supergirl’. There WILL be some spoilers discussed, so only look at the reviews you’re up to date on!

There was no new episode of Supergirl this week. Hopefully Kara’s resting peacefully, conveniently dreaming of whoever the third Reign Sister is.

The Flash, “Subject 9” (Feb 27th)

This actress deserves way better than a country violinist with an absurd Southern accent (copyright CW)

Everyone in The Flash is obsessed with the new meta, and it’s not healthy for ANYONE. Ralph falling so completely head-over-heels comes too fast, and he’s got an almost completely different personality this episode. The Thinker body-hopping yet again is so comical, it’s starting to ruin a perfectly scary villain. The “cerebral inhibitor” should’ve come up way sooner, and having to watch the bland Harry/Cecile side-plot makes it even worse. This episode’s only strength is the promise of potentially watching one of Joe’s crazy cool action movie dreams one day.

SCORE: 6.5/10 Damp Futons

Arrow, “Collision Course” (Mar 1st)

The OG team is finally in full spotlight (copyright CW)

This episode heralds ARROW moving in a new direction, or spinning its wheels. The conflict between the A and B team heroes hasn’t been interesting for weeks. They’re still using the same arguments against each other as to why they can’t trust each other. ARROW’s mini-CIVIL WAR took far too long to come to fruition. Quentin doesn’t help much – how does he think no one would find Laurel, but the person with no powers or tech found her easily? All the elements in the episode make sense, but none of the conflict comes naturally, except for the initial conflict in Team B’s base.

SCORE: 6.5/10 Bearer Bonds


The Flash: 6 Weeks

Supergirl: 4.5 Weeks

Arrow: 3 Weeks

What show did you think won the week? Does Legends of Tomorrow or Black Lightning take your vote? Let us know in the comments below!