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This series will be a brief, semi-comedic review of the CW superhero shows. You can check out last week’s review post here, or see the tally of winners below. The only shows discussed will be ‘Arrow’, ‘Flash’, and ‘Supergirl’. There WILL be some spoilers discussed, so only look at the reviews you’re up to date on!

Supergirl, “Luthors” (Feb 13)

“This episode is kind of a combo of ‘We Can Be Heroes’ and ‘Medusa,’ huh?”

It’s hard to buy Lena’s potential villainous turn. It seems too easy for her to flip, but with a slow build like this, it could happen. As far as explaining superpowers, the Kryptonite infecting Metallo’s body makes a lot of sense. The Supergirl/Mon-El relationship makes some sense, but it has been exhausting getting there. Wasn’t Mike’s cover story that he’s Kara’s cousin or something? Because that makes Eve’s jokes about how they should get together VERY weird. It does seem like the relationship will make for an amusing, twisted love triangle next week.

SCORE: 7/10 Pool Balls

The Flash did not have an episode this week. Jessie Quick did just come to warn the gang about Gorilla Grodd and her father. But let’s be honest, she wanted time to make out with Wally. I get it. But Caitlin and Julian better have had a TERRIBLE date. I don’t want to do another Caitlin Snow rant. Be ready for this week, when the CW has its two-episode Planet of the Apes event.

Arrow, “Spectre of the Gun” (Feb 15)

Arrow Wild Dog
In case you were wondering, his costume is 100% just a hockey uniform

Look, let’s not use this article to debate the ethics of gun control. Whichever side of the debate you take, that’s not what this post is for. As a viewer, it’s admirable to see the CW take on such a prevalent social issue. However, giving each side credence and preaching to the audience made the episode feel like a sermon. There was some good balance with the Diggle/Dinah storyline, but the episode’s message trumped the plot. If Rene’s getting his daughter back, that makes him basically death proof, but it might lead to an exit from the team. Oh yeah, Vigilante is definitely D.A. Adrian Chase, right? There were some interesting elements Arrow took on, but it got lost in trying to be as balanced as possible.

(Side-note, the sound editing in this episode was garbage. Every character sounded like they had one of Oliver’s voice modulators.)

SCORE: 6.5/10 Studio Apartments


Arrow: 5 Weeks

Supergirl: 4.5 Weeks

The Flash: 3.5 Week

What show did you think won the week? Does Legends of Tomorrow take your vote? Do you think A.o.S. or Gotham outshines all the CW shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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