DC Comics Preview: BATMAN #90

Batman #90 hits your local comic book shop next week, but thanks to DC Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has a seven-page preview for you to peruse.

The book is written by James Tynion IV, with art by Jorge Jimenez, Tomeu Morey dropped some color, and you are reading Clayton Cowles letters.

About Batman #90:
The mysterious master criminal known only as the Designer once brought together Gotham City’s greatest criminals to plot the perfect crime, and now his plan has been unleashed upon the city in all its might. Batman will go to any length to uncover the grand design, but Catwoman is the one who holds the greatest secret. If Batman wins against the Designer, he will lose everything.

What do you think of Tynion’s run on Batman so far? Comment below with your thoughts.

Enjoy the Batman #90 Preview:

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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