Dawn Of Justice & Suicide Squad Are Using Social Media To Defeat Marvel

DC Films Performing 500% Stronger On Social Media Than Marvel!

dawn of justice

Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and even Wonder Woman have all had major promotion as of late. So much so that DC Films has jumped ahead of Marvel when it comes to social media, according to ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings. The site is known for their weekly looks at which films are performing well on social media; their recent reports show that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, both releasing this year, have easily breezed pass the Disney owned brand.

While Captain America preps for his Civil War against Iron Man, the DC Extended Universe prepares for a new dawn in comic films. With the polarizing trailer for Batman V. Superman 2 months ago to the new Suicide Squad trailer being a smash on Youtube, the online presence for DC is masterful.

The Entire DC vs Marvel Debate In A Nutshell

With about a month and a half until the release of Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad coming this summer, what more could DC Films do in an attempt to increase social media awareness? All they need to do is look over to Deadpool and their genius marketing campaign. With what seems like a new piece of promo everyday, Deadpool is the goal for social media marketing. Imagine Jessie Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor rant-tweeting like Kanye West?! Could Superman make a Youtube video coming out against Donald Trump because of his stance on illegal aliens? Endless possibilities!

Will DC continue to reign or can Marvel take back the crown closer to Civil War‘s release date?

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