Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy Being Adapted For Film And Television

Astronaut Academy
The idea of a “Hogwarts in space”-type story sounds appealing

Just imagine the idea of “Hogwarts in space.” No, this is not a Harry Potter spin-off.

This is the premise of Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy comic book series. Also, it is the latest project of producer Vivek Tiwary.

According to Tiwary, he became interested in Astronaut Academy upon learning the film rights were available. “As soon as I realized it hadn’t been scooped up, I said [to Dave], ‘I would love to do this and I would love to do this with you.”


Vivek Tiwary
What better than to have a comic fan adapt a comic book?

In a Publisher’s Weekly interview, Tiwary admits to being a huge comic book fan. He’s also the author of the graphic novel The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. The book is being adapted to a television series for Sonar Entertainment. Tiwary is producing the series and writing the screenplay.

“I’m one of those producers who wants to work very closely with the creators of the source material,” Tiwary says. “Dave is a super cool guy with super cool ideas.”

As it stands, Astronaut Academy has many options at this point, because it could be done in live-action or animation. Although the property is still in development, Tiwary is considering which direction to take the franchise.

“It could be live action, it could be animated, it could be a TV show, it could be a feature film,” he explains. “If you read the source material, there is a version of this that is really goofy for little kids and a version that could be more mature, for teenagers.”

Tiwary remains excited for the future of Astronaut Academy. “We have a strong point of view but we are keeping our options open.”

Astronaut Academy
Whether live-action or animated, Astronaut Academy is bound to delight audiences.
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