‘Dark Knight Rises’ Actress Marion Cotillard Discusses Awkward Scene

Dark Knight Rises, unlike its critically acclaimed predecessor, received mixed reviews that occasionally leaned toward the negative. Still, many fans of the trilogy really enjoyed it. However, there was one scene that you may not have notice, or you have and this only reminds you of a painfully awkward moment in the Dark Knight Rises. Marion Cotillard, who played Talia Al Ghul, is character that stands out for many people, but not in the way she may have wanted. Four years later, and her final scene is still remembered as “clunky” and “awkward.”

Cotillard addressed the issue while promoting her new film, according to Comicbook.

“We’re all in the same boat, and if sometimes it gets out of control, then everyone is involved,Sometimes there are failures, and when you see this on-screen, you’re thinking: ‘Why? Why did they keep that take?’ But either you blame everyone or nobody. But I thought people overreacted, because it was tough to be identified just with this scene. When I’m doing the best I can to find the authenticity in every character that I’m playing, it’s tough to be known just for this scene.”


Dark Knight Rises may have appeared in theaters four years ago, but unfortunately for Cotillard, a humorous rap battle invoked the dreaded scene with her opponent rapping “The only thing worse than your rap is your death in Batman.” During her discussion of the infamous Dark Knight Rises scene, a clip of this rap battle was played, so she just laughed it off.

“Yes, it’s important to know how to laugh about this, and also, there are worse things in life. Even if there are things that can hurt you. But I wasn’t really affected by this. I just though the reaction was disproportionate, and it helps to laugh about it.”

It’s fair to say that some fans of the Batman film likely didn’t even notice, and others likely enjoyed her role in Inception, amongst her many films. So, Marion Cotillard seems to have every right to laugh it off.

[Image courtesy of DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.]

David Joseph
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