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Cyclops Meets His Ultimate Fate: ‘Death Of X’ #4 Review

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Cyclops is one of the longest-serving X-Men, but he’s now the subject of a major plot twist in Death Of X #4.

In the final chapter, Cyclops’ team faces off against a Terrigen cloud. Despite neutralizing the threat, Alchemy succumbs to the M-Pox virus and dies. Scott confronts Black Bolt and Medusa over their role in creating the virus.

At the urging of Medusa, Black Bolt obliterates Cyclops with a mere blast of his voice. The X-Men are horrified at the death of their leader. Meanwhile, Storm manages to broker peace with Medusa. Both teams agree to keep their distance.

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Cyclops X-Men
Cyclops bites the dust – or does he?

Later, during the funeral, Storm delivers an eulogy and wishes Scott could have lived to see peace. Alex “Havok” Summers confides in Emma Frost that Scott’s body is not there. He wonders if this is some kind of trick, but Emma tells him that is not the case.

Emma admits Scott has been dead the whole series. During issue #1, he got M-Pox exposure and passed soon after. His last words are, “Don’t let it die, Emma.” The Cyclops seen in the series has been a psychic projection by Emma. Even his “death” at Black Bolt’s hands is her doing. As she explains, the notion of Cyclops being alive is important, because it will keep his dream alive.

The series ends with the X-Men and Inhumans back to co-existing with each other. The X-Men are in various factions. While Beast wants to find an M-Pox cure, Emma seeks to fight back against the Inhumans.

Cyclops X-Men
Cyclops’ dream must continue to exist

All of this sets the scene for Inhumans vs. X-Men. The prologue issue is now in stores.

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  1. I hated the ending at first because it felt like a contrivance just to surprise the readers. But now I believe that Emma’s purpose in inventing a “noble ending” for Scott was to make him a martyr, a symbol for mutants to rally around. The way he actually died (is he really dead? I’m not so sure, heh) was simply too ignoble for such an iconic mutant leader as Cyclops. I think by having him instead sacrifice himself at the hands of Black Bolt, Emma was hoping that mutants would rally behind the idea of him – proud, strong, unafraid. That doesn’t seem to have really occurred, based on the stories we’ve seen over the past year, besides among some cultish followers. Instead, most mutants have been living in fear as the mists have continued to spread and grow. Despite the destruction of one of the two clouds in this issue, there are now (as of UXM Annual #1) 11 mist clouds around the world. Looking forward to IvX.

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