Comic Show Episode 5: Royal City, Sabrina Chills, Spencer & Locke Debate, Generation Gone

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Comic Show by Monkeys Fighting Robots! Anthony and Matt have a lot to discuss with you today: Manny Gomez reports in on Archie Comics, is Spencer & Locke a ripoff, Generation Gone #1 is Matt’s lowest rated comic book ever, and Royal City #5 is our must-read of the week.

Buckle up, True Believers! Episode 5 of the COMIC SHOW by Monkeys Fighting Robots is here.

Episode Breakdown:

01:40 – Spencer & Locke #4
Writer: David Pepose
Artist: Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Publisher: Action Lab Comics – Danger Zone
Anthony – 5 Monkeys
Matt – 4.5 Robots

14:14 – Royal City #5 – MUST READ OF THE WEEK
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Image Comics
Anthony – 4.75 Monkeys
Matt – 4.5 Robots

23:23 – Manny Gomez on Archie Comics and Sabrina

49:49 – Generation Gone #1
Writer: Ales Kot, Andre Araujo
Artist: Andre Araujo
Publisher: Image Comics
Anthony – 3.5 Monkeys
Matt – 2.5 Robots

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Matthew Sardo
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