Comic Books’ Unsung Heroes with AJ & Zac: Clayton Cowles Interview

Join us for our first episode of a new interview series called “Unsung Heroes!” In this series, we interview the folks that don’t get the spotlight they deserve: letterers, colorists, editors, and more! These are some of the people who are the comic book industry’s lifeblood but don’t seem to be discussed much, even when discussing their work.

In our first interview, we chat with the magnificent Clayton Cowles. Cowles has lettered more than 2800 comics. In our conversation, we discuss some of his work, how he got started, and the day-to-day being a letterer.

Cowles began his career in 2009, the same year he graduated from the Joel Kubert School. He began work that year on COWBOY NINJA VIKING for Image Comics and went on to work for Marvel Comics immediately after. Cowles is currently lettering fan-favorite runs on BATMAN, DAREDEVIL, KING IN BLACK, and X-MEN, among many others.

Cowles is currently lettering so many projects that we missed one at the end of the video. On top of his work on X-MEN for Marvel, Cowles is also lettering X OF SWORDS. Check out the brilliant work he’s putting out and follow him on Twitter at @ClaytonCowles.

We’ll be posting more of these videos in the months to come, but if you’d like us to interview someone, drop it in the comments!

AJ O. Mason
AJ O. Mason
AJ O. Mason is a published comics writer, letterer, and professional dog lover from Israel. AJ has worked with Red Stylo Media, Oneshi Press, Ashcan Comics Pub., and Otherworlds Inc. on comics and short fiction stories, and loves his dog, Sandy, more than anything.