Close-Up Magic And Other Thoughts On Twin Peaks Part 6

As even the Black Lodge itself calls out for Cooper to regain his senses, Twin Peaks continues to delay offering any easy answer. But in a surprise twist, a face is finally attached to a name.

The Case

Janey-E proved she is built of sterner stuff as she tackles Dougie’s infidelity, debts and Coop’s condition. She offered a speech about the heartlessness of bookies even as paying off a pair of greasy men (Jeremy Davies cameo!) $20,000 and some interest.

Meanwhile, at Lucky 7, Coop’s scribblings on the case files led Dougie’s boss to a surprising discovery. Not that the show gave us any insight into those findings. Perhaps Tom Sizemore’s Anthony Sinclair is a greater peril than he ever thought. Or maybe the mystery Vegas millionaire is about the be revealed.

Which may be the case as his assistant took out a hit on both Dougie and another woman. The killing blow on the woman was delivered by Ike “The Spike” Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek) — needlessly violent, but par for the course Twin Peaks death. Her connection to Dougie is yet another mystery to add to the pile.

Back in Twin Peaks, the current drug trade became more solidified as Red (Balthazar Getty) granted Richard Horne (Eamon Fadem) a distribution concession in town. Not that the negotiation was conducted in any normal fashion. Red blew Richard’s mind with a bit of close-up magic involving a dime (or was it two) and the classic adage, “Heads I win, Tails you lose.” Now, how the second dime appeared in Richard’s mouth is anyone’s guess.

And for those drawing maps and charts, Richard was the cruel grouper in the Roadhouse last week. His last name also suggests a certain family tie. He added to his list of crimes by callously running over a child in the street. In fact, it appeared to be the same intersection where Gerard accused Leland Palmer of stealing the corn. Even if it is not the same spot, Richard certainly added to the pain and suffering for one family.

At the station, Hawk found pages behind a bathroom stall door thanks to yet another dime and the Nez Perce Manufacturing Company. It is unclear if these pages are the missing element, but one hopes Hawk is finally on the right track.

The Updates

Making only his second appearance in Twin Peaks is Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd. As manager of the Fat Trout Trailer Park, he appeared in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. But as readers of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, Carl has a connection to Margaret and the late Doug Milford. Maybe this connection allowed him to see the soul of the boy Richard hit escape the mortal coil. If nothing else, Carl was able to offer the mother some sympathy while the rest of the town looked on in horror.

Elsewhere, we learned Heidi, the German waitress, still works at the Double R and everyone still loves Norma’s pies. It also seems, despite the trouble with her daughter, that Shelly is happy still working there. You almost have to wonder if, someday, she’ll be running the place.

The troubles with Sheriff Truman’s wife Doris took on a deeper meaning this week as we learned their son committed suicide. Not that Deputy Chad Broxford (John Pirruccello) had any empathy for her. Chad is the worst.

The Questions

  1. Who was Richard delivering the drugs to?
  2. If Richard is a Horne, is he Audrey’s son? A product of one of Ben’s many dalliances? An unlikely heir to Jerry’s pot fortune? An … attempt to keep the line alive via Johnny?
  3. Is Sinclair the secret Vegas millionaire? And does he have any ties to the secret New York billionaire?
  4. How screwed up was Dougie that people find Cooper’s behavior only slightly more bizarre?
  5. Why did Janey-E marry Dougie in the first place?
  6. Did Tamara offer Gordon the glass of Bordeaux?
  7. Is the Linda living at the trailer park the Linda mentioned at the very beginning of the new season?

Not about Judy

While the path of Phillip Jeffries went seemingly cold this week, the hunt for him led to the most show-altering appearance. At long last, viewers saw the face of Diane. In the form of Laura Dern, it is unclear if Diane (now given the last name of Evans) still works for the Bureau. She did not seem happy to see Albert. Presumably, she is the person Gordon referred to in Part 4 that needs to see Bad Cooper.

And while not directly connected, the scene of Richard’s latest crime ends with a shot of power lines, a well-known means of travel for Jeffries.

Close-Up Magic

The mysteries continue to pile up. And it’s difficult not to think of a discussion between Major Briggs and Doug Milford in The Secret History of Twin Peaks about their respective viewpoints on mysteries. Milford believed they deserved to live without answers, otherwise they just become secrets. One wonders if author Mark Frost was preparing the audience for the ambiguity of the new season.

But one thing which is crystal clear is Lynch’s willingness to film horrific accidents and stabbings. Thanks to digital technology, the boy’s gruesome end could be realized without a cutaway, making it almost needless cruel. Similarly, the Ike the Spike’s brutal — and at this point senseless — stabbing also adds to the out-of-tone level of violence in the new Twin Peaks.

Of course, that may be part of the point. The series always stood at the crossroads between a quirky nighttime soap and something darker and brutal. But the added brutality of late almost punishes the viewer for being interested in garmonbozia.

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Erik Amaya
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