Exclusive Clip From Logo’s ‘Cocktails And Classics: Soapdish’

Join Host Michael Urie And Guests As They Dive Into ‘Soapdish’

Logo is going back to 90’s soap operas on this week’s ‘Cocktails And Classics’. Host Michael Urie with guests that include Shangela, Jessica Shaw, and Drew Droege all dish on the cult classic ‘Soapdish‘. They are even joined by cast member Cathy Moriarty!

Michael Urie asks a hard-hitting question in the clip below: “Why Is This Movie So Gay?”

Shangela’s answer to the question is a laugh-riot!

“Michael Urie and guests, including cast member Cathy Moriarty, look back at this over the top, star-studded comedy about a TV soap actress who plans to destroy her castmate’s career but runs into trouble when she discovers life on set is eerily similar to an actual soap opera.”

Join the crew of ‘Cocktails and Classics‘ for some drinks while they breakdown ‘Soapdish‘ this Sunday at 8pm on Logo!

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