Check Out This Exclusive Clip From Logo’s ‘Cocktails And Classics: Showgirls’

Grab Your Chips & Cocktails Because ‘Cocktails And Classics’ Is Doing ‘Showgirls’

What could make Logo’s ‘Cocktails And Classics‘ even better? ‘Showgirls‘, of course!

Logo is airing a new episode of ‘Cocktails and Classics‘ with host Michael Urie and guests (which include the fabulous Shangela) dishing all the tea on the cult classic. Expect games to be played, shade to be thrown, and at least one person to mis-pronounce Versace.

In one of the segments, the gang plays a game where they guess what actress auditioned for a role in ‘Showgirls‘. Imagine Angelina Jolie as Nomi Malone!

Check out the exclusive clip below:

“Michael Urie and guests put on their best Versace (pronounced ver-sayce) and watch the ultimate cult classic about a young drifter turned topless showgirl set on headlining the most popular dance revue in Vegas.”

Showgirls‘ episode of ‘Cocktails and Classics‘ airs Sunday, April 23rd, at 8pm on Logo!

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EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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