‘Civil War II’ Aftermath – Is The Payoff Worth It?

As Civil War II wraps up, Iron Man and Captain Marvel’s conflict ends with a whimper, and not a bang.

The series has a lot of action scenes, but it doesn’t make a lick of sense. Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez have a lot to work to follow in Mark Millar’s footsteps.

Civil War II Iron Man Captain Marvel
Talk about an epic brawl


As the sequel to Civil War, the plot seems convoluted and nonsensical. Tony Stark and Carol Danvers meet up to determine Miles Morales’ fate. Basically, in Ulysses’ vision, Miles kills Captain America. While this is said to be false, another vision shows the event still happens in the future.

Civil War II Iron Man Captain Marvel
Woah- this is pretty intense. If only the story would follow suit.

When Danvers tries to detain Miles, Iron Man arrives to challenge her. The two heroes begin fighting. Medusa tries to warn everyone about Ulysses’ vision in an effort to end the conflict. Finally, Marvel hits Iron Man with a blast that seems to kill him.

Or does it?

Spoiler- it’s not what you think.

Civil War II
Does Tony Stark really die? You’ll have to read and find out.

Despite the blast, Tony appears to not be dead. Nor does the fall to Earth kill him. Mind you, that fall is a pretty long one. Surely, Tony couldn’t have made it, right?

Later, Beast and Danvers examine Stark’s body, which lies in a healing tank. It turns out Tony does have a heartbeat, but he’s in a type of coma. Apparently, he has found a way to keep himself alive.

Beast can’t find out what Tony has done to himself. Nor is he willing to experiment on him either. Ultimately, Beast and Danvers decide to let Tony heal on his own.

Iron Man Civil War
The man who is Stark will rise again. We can rebuild him….

Thus ends Civil War II. War Machine and Hulk are dead. Iron Man is in a coma. Ulysses leaves Earth ands become a new cosmic being alongside Eternity. Danvers takes on the role of leader in the superhero community.

Bendis and Marquez have a few neat concepts, but the story feels muddled. Heroes fight each other for no real reason. Famous characters die in various ways. Poor science offers Iron man a “Deus ex machina” way of coming back from the dead. One can hope the next Marvel crossover is an improvement.

More spoilers – Thor is coming back. Plus, Ultron will return – again.

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