Channing Tatum Still Playing Gambit

Despite reports to the contrary, Channing Tatum remains committed to playing Gambit. The actor is attached to play the Cajun mutant, but people are wondering if he might do a DC film.

Recently, it was stated Rick Famuyiwa would direct The Flash for Warner Brothers and DC Films. On Twitter, the filmmaker was noted to have followed Tatum, whose planned Gambit movie has yet to begin production. Previously, the “X-Men” spin-off was scheduled to shoot last March for an October 7, 2016 release. Rumours alleged Tatum had been planning to star in a DC film, such as Shazam.


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However, these reports appear to be unfounded. According to Latino Review”, a source described the rumours as “totally off-the-mark, and assured us that Fox was moving forward with Gambit, with Tatum fully committed.” Yet the fact remains that Gambit is still without a director.

Currently, 20th Century Fox doesn’t have non-compete clauses with regard to actors playing other comic book characters. Such examples include Halle Berry appearing as Storm in the original X-Men trilogy and starring in 2004’s Catwoman. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds also played Green Lantern in the 2011 box office flop.

Marvel Studios does have a stipulation that contracted actors can’t play other Marvel characters. However, Guardians of the Galaxy star Vin Diesel is attached to play Black Bolt in an Inhumans movie, which is currently in development.

vin-diesel-as-black-bolt-vin-diesel-looks-great-as-black-bolt-in-this-fan-made-inhumans-trailer-jpeg-207228Despite the delays, producer Simon Kinberg says Fox is focused on bringing Gambit to the big screen. He explained they are determined to find the right tone for the script and voice for the character.

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