Casinos and Pop Culture: Influence Intertwined

Popular culture is brimming with events that serve as inspiration for many writers, musicians, directors, and game developers so it should come as no surprise that there’s a relationship between it and the casino industry. One of the obvious examples of their relationship is seen in movies that can be dubbed as casino classics because they share elements of both pop culture and the casino industry.

Nowadays, the industry is online with lots of sites available to casino enthusiasts. One of the new havens for the online casino industry is the USA. Although they’re only legal in some states, online casinos are showing no drop in popularity in the States. For example, New Jersey online gambling is on the rise because the casino sites offer more bonuses, games, and prizes for US casino enthusiasts. They guarantee a safe gaming environment and all you need to access them is a device with an Internet connection.

The popularity of casinos is growing exponentially and so is their influence in pop culture. As mentioned before, the movie and the casino industry have been enjoying a fruitful relationship for some time now.

Movies and Casinos

The film industry has used casino scenes throughout the years in many classic movies. Casino Royale as well as Casino illustrate this point beautifully. In the first movie, there are a couple of casino scenes that keep the audience on the edge of the seat. The second title is set in Vegas and shows the dark history of casinos in the Strip. These movies and many others show that filmmakers love casino scenes and will continue filming in casinos.

Literature and Casinos

One of the most iconic writers in the world, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is known to have been an avid roulette player. His adventures in the casino served as the inspiration for his first novel titled “The Gamble”. The MIT Blackjack team was an actual team of MIT student that went to Vegas and walked off with hefty prizes thanks to their skill – counting cards. This served as inspiration for the book “Bringing Down the House” that spawned a movie called 21 later on.

Comics can also be considered a part of literature and they have been very influential as of late. The Avengers movie series has gained a global audience, especially with the last 2 titles. Naturally, comics served as the inspiration for the story. In particular, Infinity War was based on these comics which show just how great of a villain Thanos can be. Both Marvel and DC have inspired some excellent movies and TV shows but also a couple of video slot titles for the casino industry.

Music and Casinos

The King of Rock’ n Roll, Elvis Presley has a song called “Viva Las Vegas” and that tells you that even the greatest musicians have turned to the casino industry for inspiration. Lemmy Kilmister is a hard rock legend but he also was a video poker fan. One of Motorhead’s greatest songs is called Ace of Spades, do you see the connection? Casino game developers have also created games that feature famous rock and metal bands as part of their themes.


With this information in mind, anyone can clearly see that pop culture is influenced by the casino industry and vice versa. So far their relationship has produced good results and has graced fans with some amazing titles. As neither party seems to be slowing down, it’s obvious that the relationship between the casino industry and pop culture will continue in the future, bringing many novelties along the way.

Don Draper
Don Draper
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