Cartoon Series that Deserve Live Action Reboots

Who doesn’t want to see an old, animated series as a live action reboot? All for keeping the greats great, but sometimes they’re so great that 2D rendering is simply not enough. Here’s 5 shows that don’t simply need live action reboots, but deserve them. Most of them will be from my very millennial childhood. If you have zero clue what some-or most-of them are, you’re not out of touch.


In all complete seriousness, not only was Totally Spies completely my jam growing up, but I am wholeheartedly convinced it would have made for a really good live action series…or at least a decently non-lengthy TV movie. Think of the potential here people. Not only could this be a great opportunity to showcase strong female talent, but the SPECIAL EFFECTS would be so LIT. As far as casting, best believe I’ve gotten that far in this thinking process. Sam would have to be a mix between ScarJo and a redheaded Jennifer Lawrence; Clover could really only be portrayed by reality tv star, and the host of Straight Up With Stassi: Stassi Schroeder. Alex, most likely, would find her role best filled by Lacey Chabert, who (as we all know) can play the dumb brunette friend really well. So of all the cartoon series that have sprouted, and fallen away, Totally Spies comes in at the top of my list due to the fact that I’ll get to see real life people with some really cool CGI Compact Computers, and Laser Lipsticks.


That’s right, the D-man is back. Let’s be honest here, a teen who accidentally becomes a ghost, has to fight paranormal villains, and still manage to do his homework sounds exactly like something the CW wants to make happen. Once again, the special effects potential is out of this world. I feel like this would be a really advocate-able reboot, especially if it’s done in an artfully awkward way with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the main protagonist.


teen titans live action tv series

So, when I say Teen Titans, I don’t mean the Teen Titans Go that is currently running on TV. I’m talking about the cartoon I had growing up that was full of badassery, and sass…and awkward sexual tension. The series is one of the more dark ones that have reached the screen, which is why I think it would be a good dark reboot as well. Plenty of opportunity for fight sequences in the rain, and revealing costumes that absolutely no person could fight crime-or conduct it-in. I didn’t get as far as a cast list, though I imagine a very Liz Gillies Raven, and a Michael B. Jordan Cyborg.

Code Lyoko

Y’all this is the ultimate throw back. The show based around these kids, whose parents let them run around, because ya know, why not? Said adolescents, and the dog you see above would be digitally inputted into a video game-esque world and fight crime. It was a little old school Tron, meets Sailor Moon, meets Code Name: Kids Next Door. It was kind of off the radar for a lot of people, so if you don’t know…now you know. Not only do I think that this needs a live action reboot, I’d also settle for just a reboot in general. Cast list pending.

Johnny Bravo

HOO-HA! PLEASE. Hear me out. I don’t think Johnny Bravo should be a normal live-action reboot. It begs to be done in a fake reality show way-like The Office but with more misogyny. I know for a fact, that Johnny Bravo will have hired a film crew to shoot a documentary about how many women he gets. You know it’s true. Take that concept, and add in some really well-done writing, and humor, and we could have a really good pseudo-documentary that makes a subtle societal critique, with a less than subtle subject. Cast list? Matthew McConaughey, OBVI. Alternates also include: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, any of the Chris actors, Jason Mamoa-hair color can be negotiated.

Did I miss a series? What show would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

Teejay Zeigler
Teejay Zeigler
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