Caitlin Snow’s Mom? Killer Frost origin? Upcoming on ‘Flash’

Caitlin Snow meets Killer Frost, and her history with her mom revealed.

45Poor Caitlin.

In season two of ‘Flash’, our favorite, adorable scientist gets taken by Zoom, and brought to his lair. During this time period, Caitlin is faced with her Earth Two doppelganger. It seems that everyone has one, so it was only time until we saw hers. Killer Frost, a cold blooded villain, who rocks silver hair and bright blue lipstick turned after being held captive in a cell.


While Caitlin is stuck with Zoom,  we learn the relationship that Caitlin has with her mother, and the relationship that Killer Frost has with her mother is mirrored. Both Caitlin and Killer Frost describe their mothers to be narcissists, and Killer Frost used the chilly term “Cold as Ice.”

According to my source, we get the pleasure of being introduced to Caitlin’s mom, Dr. Tannhauser, ( Susan Walters) in an upcoming episode (“Monster”) airing next month. Caitlin reaches out to her mom in order to help her with her impending transformation into Killer Frost.

Executive Producer Todd Helbing talked about the mother-daughter relationship in the EW’s Spoiler Room. “You’ve heard snippets throughout the show so far of how her mom is pretty cold,” Helbing said. “When you meet her, you’ll understand exactly what Caitlin has been talking about and exactly how their dynamic works. You can see how that’s had a long-term effect on Caitlin.”

Caitlin has had a rocky couple of years. Losing her Fiancé, dealing with the lies of the real Harrison Wells, and finding a new and exciting love interest. It’s only fair that she is put through the ringer a couple more times, right?

‘Flash’ stars Danielle Panabaker, Jesse L. Williams, Tom Cavanaugh, Carlos Valdez, Candace Patton, and Grant Guston as ‘Flash’

‘Flash’ Airs Tuesday nights at 8PM on the CW.


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