Cable Makes His ‘ResurreXion’ Debut With Solo Series

Marvel’s X-Men comic line retooling continues rolling, this week Cable #1 makes its debut. ResurreXion has mostly been a hit, does everybody’s favorite time traveling mutant return on par with the other titles?

Cable 1 cvr


Nathan Summers wastes no time with introductions and gets right to the action. We find our hero in a Wild West scenario in 1874. This war hardened time traveler has some business with the locals and some weaponry that’s way too advanced for the time.

All Cable needs to be is a series following the man through various timelines as he hunts down injustices in one way or another. The recipe for success is quite simple.

Cable 1 saloon

Writer James Robinson does a fine job introducing the series with an easily graspable story. Even without really telling us anything about what’s going on. Cable #1 is a perfect first issue for newcomers, a solid sample of what the character is like. This issue is also a sight for sore eyes to those veteran Cable fans, a quick reminder that what you’re going to get is recognizeable.

There’s not much dialogue as Cable rides horseback across a beautiful landscape in search of mean wielding “fire swords.” The little bit of word balloons that we do get are another indication that this book should be what fans want without being too flashy or obnoxious about it.

Cable 1 horse

ResurreXion has restored faith in X-Men fans that Marvel does care about our beloved mutants. It’s also achieved this by not being particularly loud. None of these books are mind blowing, but mostly solid nonetheless.

I’m hoping this is a soft open, getting X-Fans to open their arms back up before things get heavy and weird again. Cable fits right in with the rest of the bunch. A solid, yet kind of quiet, opening to the series.

One aspect that does make this issue a memorable one is the art. Carlos Pacheco takes full advantage of the western landscape and tastefully sprinkles the sci-fi into it. Seeing Cable ride a horse with a cowboy while covered in giant guns and a shoulder pad is more than pleasing.

Cable 1 action

Rafael Fonteriz’s ink and Jesus Aburtov’s color further the effectiveness of Pacheco’s pencils. Nathan Summers is back and looks better than he has in a long time. The character’s design is probably the most crucial selling point. All the eye candy elements are present, but far from the overwhelming 90s incarnation that must be so tempting to draw.

Cable #1 is another solid introductory issue for another promising X-Men title. There’s enough here to draw in skeptics or newcomers, while satisfying older fans. Hopefully this quiet opening chapter leads to a much louder and explosive time travel adventure as the book progresses.

What’s your favorite ResurreXion title so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Brandon J. Griffin
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