BoJack Horseman Returns in Season 3 Announcement Teaser

Middle-aged horse angst has never sounded more enticing. Will Arnett took to Twitter this morning (via Splitsider) to announce the 2016 debut of his anthropomorphic horse. Netflix will official stomp out the third season of the (rightfully) acclaimed animated series on July 22nd, with all 13 episodes coming in their regular full swoop.

To celebrate, BoJack accompanied the announcement with a new teaser featuring some, shall we say, choice words regarding his critics. You know, the ones who have gone on to call his show “an empathetic portrait of middle-aged melancholy” and “one of television’s best shows,” among other things. It might not be much but, for fans of the show like myself, it’s a delightful little taste at what’s to come. And as one of Netflix’s best original programs only continues to get better with each wayward step, one hopes they’ll keep finding comedic/dramatic excellence to dig from their their pitifully self-aggrandizing, soulfully misshaped stallion-man.

After all, it be a shame if they started horsin’ around at this point.

Alright, that’s enough horse puns for one article, I’d say. I’ll let showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg do what he does best. Check out the video below, and try to contain your giddy excitement as best you can for the next two months-or-so.


Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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