A great starting point to anyone new to the series.

‘Black Hammer’ #12 Flips A Trope

Twenty years ago, Joseph Weber became the Black Hammer. Ten years ago, Lucy Weber lost her father when he defeated Anti-God, saving Spiral City and the world. Two years ago, Lucy started looking for him. And she found more than she ever expected.


This issue takes the focus away from the heroes stuck in a prison they cannot escape from and instead shines a light on the outside world. The viewpoint is of Lucy, the daughter of Black Hammer and the life she lives without her father around. It’s sad to watch her grow up without him but offers genuine emotions with moments anyone can relate to, like having an awkward conversation with your remaining parent about the one who is not around.

The last part of the issue is where writer Jeff Lemire really shines. Lucy finds herself getting the some of the answers she has been desperate for but this is where things get flipped around. You have to read the issue to experience it but needless to say it’s not where you’d expect the issue to go in the end.

Black Hammer


The artwork by David Rubin offers a bit of a mixbag. The color work throughout is fantastic and really helps sell the mood. The facial expressions seem a bit inconsistent but it’s starting to seem like this is intentional because its suppose to showcase the different emotions each of the characters are going through in the moment. It’s powerful to say the least so maybe this is just a nitpick.


If you have been hearing good things about Black Hammer and are looking for a good starting point to the series, then look no further than issue 12. It feels like a great place for first timers and makes you want to read more and learn more about what is happening with these characters.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A great starting point to anyone new to the series. 'Black Hammer' #12 Flips A Trope