Billy Nye: The Super Hero of 2017

On April 21st, Netflix will be bringing us the hero we need with a new talk show hosted by the 90’s icon, Bily Nye (the science guy). The show will be titled Bill Nye Saves the World, and quite frankly…we need it.

If you grew up in the 90’s, you remember Bill Nye from Bill Nye The Science Guy, an educational science based program that was shown both on TV, and in schools via VHS. Bill Nye isn’t just a 90’s star, however, and has managed to maintain true to his brand while evolving with the times. Somehow, scientist managed to do what most Disney and Nickelodeon stars couldn’t do: follow their audience into adulthood without a scandal. We went from watching Bill explain how our digestive system, to having him explain sex to us (here). It was almost like the first time you see your parents drink, but less weird. It was more like your cool aunt telling you how to smoke weed for the first time. Bill Nye has evolved into a stone. cold. savage. He takes on politicians, news anchors, and twitter trolls with the charisma, uniquen


ess, nerve, and talent of a sassy drag queen, and we live for it. He’s not afraid of the tough topics either. No more explaining helium, for Bill. For the past few years, he’s been vocal about his views, both personal and scientific, on topics such as global warming, abortion, government, creationism, etc. Not only has he now established himself as a scientific icon, but as a social and cultural one as well.

Bill Nye is so in demand, that Netflix gave him a talk show, because we wanted to see him on our screens again that bad. The talk show will feature guests from scientific authorities, to comedians and public figures, and will “refute anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders, or titans of industry.” Topics for episodes include climate change, genetically modified food, vaccinations, and pressing social and political issues from a scientific stand point. Bill Nye will ultimately be saving the world, as the show is meant to open discussion and expose the public and average person to facts and knowledge they wouldn’t have an avenue to access otherwise. The lack of entertaining, and credible, informational programs has been high for some years. This has led to a huge gap between what scientists know, and what the general public knows-because obviously we aren’t going to look up science just for funsies. Nye hopes to use the show to bridge the gap, and assist in making us a more aware and knowledgeable society, while still making us laugh at the same time. Obviously, Nye isn’t the type of guy to sit at a desk with an empty coffee mug and talk to guests on an overpriced small sitting chair. The show is set to take place in a lab, and experiments will be involved, giving us the chance to relive all our science class feels.

Netflix released this official trailer for the series:

The series page is also up on Netflix, effectively teasing us painfully with smoke, and the same look of glee that I had when I found out he was getting a show.

Overall, the anticipation is literal death, but in a little less than a month Bill Nye will be back on the big screen, and in our hearts. He’ll be once again proving that science is cool, and there’s little to no doubt that the world will once again be chanting “Bill! Bill! Bill!”

Gotham may need a hero, but the world needs a Nye. #BillNye2k17



Teejay Zeigler
Teejay Zeigler
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