Billy Dee Williams Wants To Drink Colt 45 With You

Billy Dee Williams is once again the spokesperson for the iconic malt liquor Colt 45.

“I’ve enjoyed my long association with Colt 45, and it’s my pleasure to, once again, support this iconic beer. I’ve always found Colt 45 to be a high quality and deeply satisfying beverage,” said Williams.

Part of the new marketing campaign for the beverage, Pabst Brewing Company is holding a contest where one lucky winner and a guest will be flown to Billy Dee’s exclusive lounge party to be held in Hollywood later this year. You need to call Billy Dee to enter the contest, 1-844-COLT-45.

“Billy Dee Williams played a major role in the success of Colt 45. He is the definition of class, style, and charm. Everyone wants to drink a Colt 45 with Billy Dee,” said Dan McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer for Pabst Brewing Company.


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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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