Big Spoilers On Marvel’s Doctor Strange Post-Credits Scenes

Doctor Strange

Marvel fans are awaiting the release of Doctor Strange. They are also looking forward to what the post-credit spoilers will be.

According to Screen Crush, the post-credit scenes set up two upcoming MCU movies. Not only that, there is also a surprise cameo appearance.

Mid-Credits Scene

During the mid-credits, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) meets up with Doctor Strange at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange wants to find Loki, but Thor needs his brother’s help to find Odin, who has gone missing.

Strange makes an offer to locate Odin if Thor and Loki will leave Earth for good. Thor agrees to the deal, which will lead into next year’s Thor: Ragnarok. Due to recent set photos, it is clear Thor and Loki will be spending time on Earth as part of their search.

Thor: Ragnarok

Post-Credits Scene

After the credits, we see Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Eijofor) rip open Benjamin Bratt and absorb his powers for himself. “There are too many sorcerers,” he remarks.

This could set up a Doctor Strange sequel with Mordo as the main villain. Since he is an ally of Strange, it would make for a great story in the next films.

Doctor Strange film cast

Doctor Strange opens on November 4, 2016.

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