20 Years Of Buffy: Best And Worst Things About ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’

The 20th Anniversary Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Is Here!

Round up your Scooby Gang and grab Mister Pointy because this week celebrates 20 years since ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘ premiered. Joss Whedon’s cult classic TV series is an important part of pop culture and a staple in television history.

During the seven seasons it ran, the viewers were taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions led by Buffy and her friends. Certain things were good, some were oh so bad, but it doesn’t take away from the impact.

Worst: Entire “Beer Bad” Episode


– Hating this episode is easy. It falls in the rather mediocre fourth season, it doesn’t advance the plot, and the entire story is pretty week. Most fans will agree that “Beer Bad” is an episode that is easily skipped during any re-watch. It’s a cheap attempt at trying re-capture the magic of an earlier episode called “Band Candy”.

Best: Entire “The Body” Episode


– It’s hard to pick just one amazing episode from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ but “The Body” is one of the most powerful in TV history. There’s so many memorable moments like the first Willow/Tara kiss, Anya’s speech, or where Buffy finds her mom. But the real standout moment for me is when Buffy and Tara share a very intimate conversation.

Worst: Season 7


– Season 4 almost made it as the worst but Season 7 takes the crown. The fourth season had iconic episodes like “Restless”, “Fear, Itself”, and “Hush”, so not even big bad Adam or boring Riley can bring it down. Season 7 redeemed itself near the end but it’s sad when the final season is really forgettable. Other than the finale, name one great season 7 episode?

Best: Season 2


– Picking the best season of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘ is trying to pick your favorite child. But looking at the fan’s opinion and my opinion, season 2 shines! Everything comes together and the second season shows why ‘Buffy‘ is an iconic show that stayed in the hearts of fans for twenty years. Also, the final showdown between Angel and Buffy is epic!

Worst: Willow As A Magic Junkie


– Willow being “addicted to magic” is not one of the show’s subtle metaphors. At first, seeing Willow dip deeper into the world of magic was interesting and then, things got scary. Sadly after scary, it all turned turned into melodrama. The sixth season is the darkest season and the magic/drug addiction saga is one of the really low points.

Best: Xander Saves The World


– Everyone knows Buffy saves the world but there’s one other person who’s solely defeated a major villain. During the Evil Willow arc, the only thing that could stop her turned out to be her best friend Xander. This was Joss Whedon’s way of saying that love, not superpowers, can save the world. Sometimes his metaphors aren’t so heavy-handed…

Worst: The Spike/Buffy Rape Scene


– Like the death of Joyce Summers, the show can take a darker subject and make it artful. The attempted rape of Buffy from Spike is not one of those moments. Sadly, this really ruined Spike’s character. It took awhile for fans to forget this heinous moment. The worst part? It’s the same episode that Willow’s lover Tara dies. Come on, season 6!

Best: “Walk Through the Fire” From The Musical Episode


– The musical episode called “Once More, With Feeling” is truly iconic. It’s easy to peg the entire episode as “the best” but I wanted to shine some light on the best song. “Walk Through The Fire” is sung by the cast in various parts, telling how all of them will fight separate but still come together. Such a typically beautiful Buffy motif!

Worst: The Introduction of Dawn


– Buffy’s little sister Dawn just randomly appeared in the fifth season. After four seasons of Buffy being an only child, she suddenly was given a sister. While it was later explained that Dawn was given to the Summers family so she can be protected from an evil God, it still felt abrasive. And to make it even crazier, Dawn stayed on the show till the end!

Best: Buffy’s Gift


– If the introduction of Dawn in season five did anything good, it led to the best moment in the entire show. Buffy fought the entire series to save her and her friends but in the fifth season finale, we find out to save everyone…Buffy has to give up her life. That’s her gift: Death. But it’s not a grim as you’d expect. Why couldn’t this be the show’s ending!?

Let me know what you think is the best & worst thing about Buffy in the comments!


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