Bendis Explains, ‘Civil War 2’ Delayed And Extended

Marvel Comics’ writer Brian Michael Bendis answered questions on his Tumblr account Sunday, Civil War 2 was brought up.

Civil War II #5 was due out in August but is now 14th September – Why? Is this event going to be another delay hell, like ‘Secret Wars’ was? – Anonymous.

Bendis responded with a detailed answer:

“Well, if you peak over at @davidmarquez Facebook, you’ll discover that he and his amazing wife Tara just had a kick ass baby boy. A very cute baby too. And not all babies are cute at the start,” said Bendis.

“Not a delay hell, or a conspiracy, just a new baby in the middle of the hardest issue to draw. the ending of four shows that five is a monster,” said Bendis. “David has been handing in about a page a day for the last couple of weeks, so we’re getting back on track. So much so that Marvel greenlit an 8th issue for us. I came up with a better ending but needed the pages. Very grateful that they let us do our thing. So a little late and you get a little more.”

Two things stand out in Bendis’ response. First, Marvel knew about Marquez’s situation and didn’t prepare for it. Secondly, why is Bendis writing ‘Civil War 2’ on the fly? The event book should have been planned out properly from the beginning, with staffing and script a priority. It amazes me that Marvel can run a business without any regard for running a business properly and respect for the fans that support its product.

The last sentence by Bendis is the biggest insult. “So a little late and you get a little more,” which translates into “you have to wait, and we’re going to charge you more.”

Are you reading ‘Civil War 2’ and will you drop it because of the delay? Comment below.

Bendis also released a new page from series.

Civil War 2

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