Ben Affleck Is Aware Of The Potential For An Epic Fail With His Batman Trilogy

Ben Affleck is set to play Batman a second time in the upcoming Justice League film, but this is not what makes the newest Batman have trouble sleeping at night. Affleck as Batman has its critics, both positive and negative, but he has apparently done well enough to take over a new trilogy in the future. According to Comicbook, this is what apparently vexes Ben Affleck, he is concerned and understands the potential for epic failure.

“I’m in full-on, trying-to-get-it-right mode [for Batman]. It’s not the kind of movie that you can fail quietly at. [I] have to be sure I have something I feel really confident about before we go forward.”

Ben Affleck said he is in “full-on-get-it-right mode,” and as well he should be. Batman has had a pretty rough history, as far as comic book adaptation go. In all fairness, though, he is one of the most adapted character over the years. Not to mention the need he will have to manage fan opinion and potential backlash. It is fair to say that Batman fans are always deeply divided in their opinions.



Batman ’66, starring Adam West, is consider a classic. However, many found it campy and not a very good representation of the character. Tim Buron’s Batman films are given high praise, but some loathe them. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy also had its ups and downs, depending on the film, and how growly Christian Bale was in the batsuit.

Affleck had the benefit of his Batman working alongside Superman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Flash, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, and Cyborg as well in Justice League. When Ben Affleck ventures out on his own to director and star in a Batman trilogy, it will be all on him. To Ben Affleck’s advantage, many might say, Batman does best on his own.

[Image Courtesy Of DC Entertainment]

David Joseph
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