Beer Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Each summer a new drink pops up, quenching the thirst and wetting the palettes of those who desire something different. You may have noticed a new soda pop percolating, that would be Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

Not your Father’s Root Beer, brewed by Small Town Brewery, is promoted as being made from “unique ingredients with an unmistakable taste of nostalgia” or in other words, it tastes just like root beer. That unmistakable taste of nostalgia isn’t just a selling point. The smooth blend took me back to my first time having a root beer as a kid.

Make no mistake, at 5.9% alcohol, it  packs a flavorful punch. An ale with the taste of spices, Not Your Father’s Root Beer in a cold glass is perfect on a warm summer night.


A rich, sweet flavor that fills your mouth with the spicy aroma of a freshly brewed keg of root beer. Considering the alcohol/volume is higher than that of a beer, the contents are well masked by the full flavor.


As fizzy as a bottle of soda so be careful you don’t rattle the case too much. The beer comes to a nice head when served in a snifter. Also, can be served in a glass with some rocks as it truly does taste identical to a glass of soda.


The six pack at the local distributor ran about $13 with the case (24 Bottles) coming to about $45, which doesn’t offer much insensitive to stock up unless you really are a huge fan. That was the only drawback to Not Your Father’s Root Beer, otherwise I have no aversion to spending more on my beer as long as I know it is worthwhile.

Presentation of the Beer

The bottles and case all have an old school aesthetic which adds to the allure of the beer. The craftsmanship doesn’t stop with the flavor inside the bottle as the exterior is just as well taken care of with a faux wood look that takes you back to a simpler time.

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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