Beer Review: Boulevard Brewing Co. ‘The Calling’ IPA

Taking you into the weekend is a review of The Calling IPA. “The Calling” as its named, beckoned me with its Jack Daniels style label and the fact that it is an IPA, which is my go-to beer. The Calling IPA is made by Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City, Missouri which has been around since 1989 and is part of their smokestack series.


Given the high alcohol content and smokey flavor it is no question why it borrows the Jack Daniels aesthetic. It is a flavorful blend that isn’t overpowering and doesn’t have much of an aftertaste which is good because a strong residual flavor can sometimes make it hard to match the beer with certain foods.


The consistency of this beer really agrees with my palate as it offers a lot of flavor but isn’t too strong. The smokestack flavor comes and goes with each sip, which is great because no one likes something that sticks around after you thought it was long gone.


A four pack ran $13 and change but at %8.5 percent it isn’t a beer that is meant to be drank in one sitting. Share them with a friend or keep them on ice for when you want to unwind.

PresentationCalling IPA

The Jack Daniels label is an iconic piece of Americana. It fits with the smokestack style of the brew and makes them feel like a beer that may have brewed in the back woods somewhere.

Final Sip of Calling IPA

As I take a final sip of this beer I hesitate briefly. Not because I don’t want to take this flavorful voyage but because I don’t want to see it go. The Calling IPA is a great, slow drinking beer that you will enjoy the entire time through. It is light, but packs a smokestack flavor that passes through the palette leaving satisfaction in its wake.



Enjoy your weekend and drink responsibly!

Darcy Reddan
Darcy Reddan
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