‘Batwoman Rebirth’ #1: What to Expect

With February rolling swiftly towards us, DC comics fans await Batwoman Rebirth #1. OK, maybe not all fans, but at least this fan. Marguerite Bennett, one of my personal favorite comics authors, will be penning the story. This means that I am already biased towards it. If Ms. Bennett’s approach to Kane in Batwoman Rebirth will be anything like what she’s done in DC Bombshells, then readers will be in for a treat.

Back in 2013, the Batwoman team quit the series after DC refused to let Kane get married to her same-sex partner, Maggie, on panel. Despite having allowed her to propose in the book not once but twice, the DC would not allow the two women to marry. Following the walk out, the story flailed and the book ended. Ms. Bennett has said in interviews that Kane’s queerness inspired the author to break into the comics industry.


During NYCC, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Bennett and interview her. The series had been announced only minutes before my arrival at the Javits Center. When asked what twists she planned to bring to make the character hers, Bennett responded, ““we’re really going to be delving into places we’ve never really seen Batwoman going. We’re exploding out of Gotham city, and sending her on globetrotting mission.” She continued to tell me that Batwoman will be using her military training to seek out individuals who have fled Gotham and the US. Continuing on, she noted, “part of that is that we’ve got these lost years. After she left the military and of course became Batwoman, but there are years where we don’t know what she was up to. We know they were very damaging. Those years start trickling back into her life.” This means that all the international elements of the DC Bombshells writing Bennett has done and those intellectual elements will be part of the story.

Batwoman Rebirth #1 will be released February 15, 2017. Comixology and Kindle copies can be  pre-ordered here.  

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Karen Walsh
Karen Walsh
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