Batman#13 A Clown walks into a Police Station….

Batman #13

Story By: Scott Snyder Backup Story By: Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV

Art By: Greg Capullo & Jock

Its been a year since The Joker has been in any of the Bat Books and Scott Snyder has decided to bring him back in issue 13 of Batman. Following His past Court Of Owls story Arc is no easy task. Death of the Family’s opening issue manages to set the tone and expectation for this book through the roof. This version of The Joker is menacing , frightening and out right horrific.  Snyder manages to go very deep into Joker as a character thanks to his amazing dialogue and writing skills.

The story moves very fast. The feeling I got while reading issue 13 can only be compared to how I feel when I watch Breaking Bad. The tension is constant and builds until the end of the issue. You will feel emotionally invested by the end as Batman, Commissioner Gordan and the rest of the Bat Families fears become yours.

Greg Capullos art continues to amaze me. He’s still playing with  his style and I love his version of Batman now. Everything from his jaw line down to the subtle high lights on his cowl are fluid and perfectly rendered. Capullo has mastered building tension through his panels as well. Often times focusing on some thing iconic without giving everything away. His redesign of the Joker is disturbing and I hope it sticks.

The back up story this issue focuses on Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship. It does a good job of making Harley a sympathetic character now and its interesting to see what her role will be as the story plays out. I don’t want to give parts of the story away because I want you to enjoy the book the same way I did. There is a specific moment with Gordon and Joker that made me sick to read.

Batman #13 is an amazing start to The Death in the Family arc. The pacing is perfect and Snyder does a great job throwing you right into the madness without showing his cards yet. Comics are supposed to be engaging and fun and I can’t think of  a better DC book to buy this week. If you haven’t been reading Batman now is the time to start.

Review Score 9.5/10

On a side note the cover is one of coolest things I’ve come across in a while. See Below

Batman #13’s cover doubles as a very creepy Mask

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