Awesome new Anime now on Netflix?

It’s the beginning of the new season where Netflix changes their inventory on what they will be keeping, losing and acquiring. Naturally this applies to their ever-expanding library of Anime. Among these new additions a few gems that I think you should look out for.

This first anime while not what you would traditionally expect to see in terms of Japanese animation, is quite interesting, to say the least. Expelled From Paradise takes place in a post-apocalyptic planet where most of humanity has transcended their primal existence and everyone is turned into data that composes their personalities living inside a utopian society called Deva, which governs its individuals through a virtual reality interface in a base above earth´s atmosphere. The continuous interference of a hacker from planet Earth called Frontier Setter is seen as threat and Deva sends security agent Angela Balzac to deal with it. She will have the assistance of Dingo, a terrestrial agent who refused to join Deva.

Expelled Paradise


This show is interesting in two ways. The first is that it’s a fully CG animated movie drawn in the Japanese Anime art style. It’s safe to say that we don’t get a lot of Anime like this so its pretty refreshing just on the visual aspects alone. As for the story its directed by Seiji Mizushima who has directed the widely popular FullMetal Alchemist series. Also by his side is Gen Urobuchi who has grown famous in his recent years for making very compelling stories which usually end in some form of tragedy. A modern Shakespeare I dare say. So I’d say this Anime has everything going for it to be a success and I highly recommend you check it out.

Madoka Magica

As for the other notable mention is yet another story that was written by Gen Urobuchi. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a 12 episode series about a young girl named Madoka Kaname and the struggles she faces growing up and having to deal with the choice of becoming a magical girl, what those responsibilities entail, and the cost of fulfilling your desires. Since Madoka was so widely successful they decided to re-release it as a string of three movies, all of which were just added to Netflix. With new animations added in to make the original story shine and a whole new chapter added in the third movie, these are must watches for any Anime fan who hasn’t seen it already.

So see Netflix has so many good Anime that you can view, and their library is ever-increasing in quality and content. But it doesn’t stop there, oh no no no. In 2014 Netflix teamed up with Polygon Pictures to produce the first Netflix Anime. Knights of Sidonia not so oddly enough is yet another CG animated Anime and this one while not so good-looking, is a refreshing take on the space venturing theme. It has action, love, romance, comedy, and plenty of tense moments to keep watching. And before you know it you’ll already be done with all 12 episodes. But don’t worry because a second season of Knights of Sidonia is already on its way to Netflix.It will premiere on July 3rd in Netflix fashion with all 12 episodes and an english audio track. So you shouldn’t have to wait to long to get your fill of one of the best space shows, period, to come out in a long time.

Knights of Sidonia

So like I said before, there are tons of good Anime just waiting to fill up your Netflix queue. So get to it… Oh also I didn’t really want to cover this but I guess there is another popular show that was added to Netflix too. You might have heard of it. Its Bleach. You know the show about giant swords and skull masks. The first three seasons are on Netflix now too……………..Bleach Ichigo

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Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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