Patrick Kennedy

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Patrick L. Kennedy is the author of "Boston Then and Now" and the co-author of "Bricklayer Bill: The Untold Story of the Workingman's Boston Marathon." His humor writing has appeared in The American Bystander. As a musician, Kennedy peaked around 2006, when his band the Larkin Brigade earned a (shouts) BOSTON MUSIC AWARD (whispers) nomination for "Outstanding Folk Act." As a cartoonist, Kennedy peaked in 6th grade.

Real Comics Shop Folk Dish On “Comic Book Guy”

It was 30 years ago this week that The Simpsons debuted as a half-hour sitcom. In those three decades, the animated TV series has...

How GROO Changed My Concept of What A Comic Book Could Be

A bulbous, busted nose and a goofy grin, framed by a barbarian’s standard-issue headband and matted, unbarbered mane. Balloon-like muscles and ham-sized hands clutching...

Where You Forget It’s Just Lines on Paper: LOVE AND ROCKETS Co-Creator Jaime Hernandez At MICE

Jaime Hernandez, co-creator of Love and Rockets, spoke about his love of women, wrestling, comic books, punk rock, and Dennis the Menace—and how it...
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