Attack on Titan’s Latest Anime Installment is… Odd

Attack on Titan took the world be storm a few years ago, and ever since fans have been eagerly waiting the second season of the anime ever since the first season ended.

Well the waiting it finally over, though the end product is not quite what many expected. In fact, what we get a Junior High spin-off before we get a season 2.

Attack on Titan Junior High
Not quite the style us AoT fans are used to…

This world is a little different from what Attack on Titan fans used to. Not only do our main characters go to middle school, but so do the titans. In fact, rather than eating Eren’s mother, his biggest issue now is getting his lunch stolen.

Attack on Titan Lunch Stolen
Yep, the Colossal Titan stole his lunch.

On the bright side, at least we’ll be able to see our favorite deceased characters in action once more (Petra! Oh how I’ve missed you!).

Having read the first chapter I noticed a few interesting changes, a really big one is the inclusion of multiple female titans, no longer are they the rarity we see in the original work.

Something else to consider is whether titan shifting will be a thing. With a couple of characters (Eren included) being both humans and titans.

Production I.G. has announced that it will animate the spin-off, and will be airing this fall starting October.

Thankfully, the actual continuation of the first season will be coming sometime next year, so, hopefully at the very least this will hold us off until then.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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