A huge revelation is delivered crudely and feels poorly written.
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‘Attack On Titan’ Delivers A Twist Poorly

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A lot of revelations occur in this episode and not all of them are delivered in a proper manner. First up, Ymir isn’t dead, despite looking two seconds away from the grave last episode. Turns out she has the same type of fast regeneration Eren has. It’s convenient but at least it makes sense. Unlike the next big shocker.

The biggest surprise to come out of the entire season occurs but it feels very poorly written. The identity of both the Armored and Colossal Titans are revealed nonchalantly in casual conversation. Seriously it’s like, “Hey Eren, what should we do for dinner? Also, we’re the Titans which started the war on humanity. Want to come to our hometown?” Yes, after they tell him the truth, they ask if he wants to go to their home. It feels very off (I’m aware this is how it happened in the Manga as well, but it felt poorly executed there too) and so does Eren’s reaction. They flashback to a moment earlier where the team had suspicious of the pair being the Titans it is established this didn’t come out of left field for him. Eren already was told it was a possibility and when he gets confirmation this pair caused his world to be destroyed and his mom to be murdered, he doesn’t immediately fly into a rage? He should have been more emotional than what played out.

Hopefully this will be the lowest point of the second season of Attack On Titan. Yes, the revelation of the who the Titans were was a critical moment but it played out so undramatically, you find yourself shrugging it just like Eren. Luckily the next episode looks to have intense Titan on Titan action to make up for this one. Good, frankly it feels like some extreme violence would make many feel better.

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Anthony Wendel
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  1. Not everyone on the internet with a fancy website is a reviewer. That wasn’t a review, that wasnt critism, that was a youtube comment disgusted as a “blogger”. What a terrible website to hire someone so inexperienced.

  2. I don’t agree at all. This was the best episode of the series. The way the secret was revealed was unexpected in itself! Not some overly dramatic and hyped revelation that hollywood has accustomed us to. This was totally different. That’s the beauty of it!! Also you must be a non manga reader as this tells alot about Reiner who’s torn between his mission and the fact that he has grown fond of his teammates after these 3 years. This has driven him crazy and caused an internal conflict within him where he no longer knows what is right or wrong. As a result, he hoped all this could be sorted out easily by thinking eren would understand his predicament.

  3. I actually liked how they dropped that bomb so casually. You don’t see it coming and when it does, you’re like “WHAT?!”.

  4. This review is totally a NON MANGA reader.
    Attack on Titan anime is trying to make as close as described in the manga. This is the most epic episode so far, this is not how to deliver the identity of the Armored and the Colossal Titan but the feel of betrayal of Eren towards Bert and Reiner.

    Its been 4 years ago since season 1, I dont think those anime watchers still dont know whos the Armored or the Colossal, its been pretty much given to all the fans but I have to point out also despite most of the fans knows the Identities of the Traitors of Humanity, you have to give respect how the tension was delivered and emotions of Eren that these guys he respect and look forward to almost he treat them as brothers is the cause of his pain and hatred to the Titans.

  5. I have to completely disagree with your review. The reveal was executed perfectly. I don’t know how you can get more shocking than that. It totally catches you off guard. I had to play it back couple times because I was just blown away by how nonchalant Reiner said it (afterall most people would expect to be through some obvious method). The tension was so thick it was unbearable. You could totally read everyones edginess (Mikasa is standing there in complete blood lust mode trying not to lose her shit). Berholts reaction does a great job in narrating this tension for us as viewers. Plus his reaction right before they transform is priceless. It completely drops the bomb on us. Berholt– “Are we really doing this? Right here? Right now!? Dude, I almost nutted my pants! So I am just absolutely taken aback by your atrocious opinion masked as a legitimate review. I have read the manga, so I knew who Reinhart and Bertholt were. However, you wouldn’t need to read it to understand the reasoning behind this reveal. From the first episode of season 2 we begin to see Reinhart behave awkwardly. If you look back to those episodes, it becomes obvious why this sort of psychotic break occurs in this scene. In hind sight, you’ll be able to see the thread that leads to his eventual meltdown. But from this episode it becomes clear to us what Reinhart is going through. He doesn’t know what to believe in anymore. His identity and values of friendship, camaraderie, devotion are being questioned. Whose side is he on? He supposed to be a warrior, but he has made a home as a soldier these past three years. All of that comes to boil when his life is threatened by titans a second time and triggered when Eren pulls him up on the wall. He begins trying to negotiate his two identities, the Reiner that has affection for Eren and this world and the Warrior who must capture him and destroy it. Dude get real!

  6. watch it again, he was intensely shocked, everything happened so sudden that he didn’t even know what to do when Reiner walked towards him.. so Mikasa had to step in and do her stuff. This was another glimpse of how unstable Reiner’s mind is and how he is conflicted about being a soldier or a warrior. Eren having to admit that the “reliable big brother” figure he always knew was the enemy was a tough pill to swallow, he was devastated, emotional and full of sorrow (as you can clearly see when the titan grabbed him). It was something that made everyone go “did i read/hear that correctly?”, even Bertholdt was shocked, everyone was, this episode made us feel what the characters are going through perfectly. In the end, Eren did rage and he did get extremely pissed off, the voice acting during the transformation should have been more than enough to prove it.

  7. I think it was really good how it all unfolded and u saying u hot header n driven look how he was when Annie turned into the female titan and also how he was when he was raging n saw her in the nape he froze because she was his friend

  8. Also, I understand you feeling like it was uncharacteristic of Eren to react that way. But I think we also need to remember that they were only suspected of being titans. Eren then hears it frankly told to him that they’re not only titans, but that they’re the titans that caused everything to go to shit. The ones that set in motion the event that caused his mother to die. Eren is a hothead but he’s also very trusting and I think him reacting very strongly off the bat would have been weird.

  9. I just wish people would stop saying it was a poorly executed twist, man. People keep mentioning how nonchalantly it was announced but why does every reveal need to be grand and dramatic? It actually hit harder because it came out of the blue

  10. Thanks for all the comments. I stand behind my review. Despite Eren following orders it seemed out of character for him in general. He’s a more reactionary and emotional character, the guy who had almost transformed in a courtroom because he was so frustrated. Had he NOT known about the possibility of who the Titans were, the shock would have been more believable but since it would have confirmed what he already knew the most logical reaction would have been for him to rage out. Instead he acts cool and calculating like Mikasa or Levi. There is playing a part and doing as your told and then there is being totally uncharacteristic and the scene still feels this way.

    • It’s called character development, you dumb nut. If season 1 Eren is there, yes he would probably transform right there. But he’s changed now, he just knew that his friends (Annie and Ymir) are Titans and he fought one of them. D’you think it will be fun fighting people you care for? Plus Eren’s too stunned to do anything, he got sucker punched by the revelation. He’s slowly realizing that this are the people who murdered his mother!

    • At first, when Reiner just said (in the background, partially obscured by the chatter of the other soldiers who were walking off) “I’m the Armoured titan, he’s the Colossal titan”, I also thought it was weird how nonchalant he was and how out of the blue it was that he was just telling Eren.
      Then, after this, when Eren was being really calm and collected about it, and not freaking out, I also thought it was weird and out of character.
      However, after that, I actually continued to watch the episode.

      Sure, Eren is a hothead, but he’s also a good soldier and cares about the safety of his friends. Why would he risk the lives of his friends, and the rest of the soldiers, by freaking out and going against the plan, and escalating the situation unnecessarily? He was shocked at how Reiner just came out and admitted to them being titans, but he kept a cool head and tried to salvage the plan to capture them regardless. This is not out of character at all.
      Can you name one other time Eren has allowed his emotions to get the better of him, when it would risk the lives or his friends and go against the already established plan so blatantly, when the situation hasn’t escalated yet? Because I cannot, and I have recently re-watched the first season, and started to read the manga. He’s emotional, not an idiot. He thought about transforming in the courtroom, but he didn’t do it, so if anything, that example supports the fact he would be able to keep a cool head.

  11. God you are so fucking stupid I can’t believe it. More people would have been upset if they variated from the source. Although you barely acknowledge the fact this was based off of manga, I can tell that was a hasty afterthought for your hasty little “review”.

  12. The way it was played off, was that you were meant to go ‘Hang on, what? Did I just hear that right?’ and you are literally feeling what Eren is feeling at that current stage

  13. Eren and the others were told to pretend they didn’t suspect Reiner and Bertholdt so they can confine them underground. Eren was trying to follow the orders and deescalate things so they can possibly trap them. That’s why he tried to pretend it was a joke and get them to leave with the others. You can see clearly that everybody is on-edge. Supposing that Eren was unfazed just means the you misunderstood the scene. He was wearing a mask. Eren throws the mask away when Reiner regenerates his arm, because the point of no return had passed. IMHO this was brilliant writing.

    • I actually LOVED this episode. I can’t even understand how someone could just “shrug it like eren”. It was indeed brilliant writing. I just love everything about it

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