A huge revelation is delivered crudely and feels poorly written.
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‘Attack On Titan’ Delivers A Twist Poorly


A lot of revelations occur in this episode and not all of them are delivered in a proper manner. First up, Ymir isn’t dead, despite looking two seconds away from the grave last episode. Turns out she has the same type of fast regeneration Eren has. It’s convenient but at least it makes sense. Unlike the next big shocker.

The biggest surprise to come out of the entire season occurs but it feels very poorly written. The identity of both the Armored and Colossal Titans are revealed nonchalantly in casual conversation. Seriously it’s like, “Hey Eren, what should we do for dinner? Also, we’re the Titans which started the war on humanity. Want to come to our hometown?” Yes, after they tell him the truth, they ask if he wants to go to their home. It feels very off (I’m aware this is how it happened in the Manga as well, but it felt poorly executed there too) and so does Eren’s reaction. They flashback to a moment earlier where the team had suspicious of the pair being the Titans it is established this didn’t come out of left field for him. Eren already was told it was a possibility and when he gets confirmation this pair caused his world to be destroyed and his mom to be murdered, he doesn’t immediately fly into a rage? He should have been more emotional than what played out.

Hopefully this will be the lowest point of the second season of Attack On Titan. Yes, the revelation of the who the Titans were was a critical moment but it played out so undramatically, you find yourself shrugging it just like Eren. Luckily the next episode looks to have intense Titan on Titan action to make up for this one. Good, frankly it feels like some extreme violence would make many feel better.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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A huge revelation is delivered crudely and feels poorly written. 'Attack On Titan' Delivers A Twist Poorly