‘Arrow’ Season Four – Two Suspects For Who Is In The Grave.

Arrow season four returns on January 20th with an episode titled “Blood Debts,” which means it’s time for those speculations to start again. In the closing seconds of the first episode this season, we saw Oliver standing by a gravestone in a cemetery, but not whose grave it was.

Stephen Amell himself has gone on record by saying he doesn’t know who the character is in the grave. This could be true, as he doesn’t necessarily have to know the answer to who is in there to shoot the scene. He could, however, know exactly who the grave is for. But he’s doing the decent thing and not giving anything away, so when it’s finally revealed it gets the impact it deserves.

People have said it is Felicity who is in the grave, but I believe that is the obvious choice. Here are two possibilities:

1. Thea Queen/Speedy

Thea Queen/Speedy

As we’ve seen in a few episodes now, Thea is constantly struggling to fight off the blood lust since being in the Lazarus Pit. The only thing keeping the blood lust at bay is if she takes someones life. I think a great story would be that, little by little, Thea loses control and starts to lose her grip. We have also seen Damien Dharke is unable to use his powers against her and it makes them backfire. Dharke is unaware of her time in the Lazarus Pit or that she’s Oliver’s sister. I think Dharke will find this out from Captain Lance after threatening Laurel. He will then use this to his advantage by pushing Thea to kill an innocent person, which pushes her over the edge where she can no longer control the blood lust. She would then go on a killing spree and Oliver would try stop her only to realise the only way to do so would be to kill her. Not able to kill his sister himself,  Diggle steps in and spares his friend the grief. This would tie into the line where Oliver says “It was my responsibility”.

People have said it can’t be Thea as she isn’t buried in the family plot. Well, maybe that’s because Oliver has buried her somewhere under a different name so no one can find her to try to bring her back from the dead again.

2. Captain Lance

Captain Lance

The theory behind him is a much simpler one. He started out working Dharke but has now become a mole for Team Arrow. I think Dharke will find this out and use Laurel against him to get information against The Arrow. This could go two ways: Lance gives Dharke the information which puts the team at risk, and he then sacrifices himself in trying to put this right. Or, Lance refuses to give up anyone so Dharke makes an example of him by killing him in front of the entire team. This would link in to Oliver’s line about responsibility as believes if he never returned then this may never have happened. The effects of this would lead to Laurel going out on her own to try to put an end to Dharke, which just puts the team in even more danger.

What do you think to these theories? Do you have any of your own? If so then please comment and let me know.

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Lee Westney
Lee Westney
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