‘Arrow’ And ‘The Flash’: Stephen Amell Teases “Boots On The Ground,” Flashpoint Crossover Villain, And Caitlin Snow’s Mother Cast

Arrow and The Flash are about to have their worlds turned upside down this fall, but as to how much the Flashpoint Paradox will affect Arrow, Supergirl, or Legends of Tomorrow is yet to be seen. According to Comicbook, Stephen Amell was in the mood to tease Arrow Season 5, The Flash Season 3, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 spoilers, but as usual it was quite cryptic. Arrow star Stephen Amell took to Twitter to tease “boots on the ground,” as he called it.

Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, and The Atom are all represented in a vague set photo opportunity that seems to show that the massive DCTV crossover event, that has been teased prior, is already filming.


Arrow and The Flash fans have yet to find out whether the Season 3 Flashpoint Paradox synopsis will be a part of this massive crossover event or not. That would, however, wrap up this new venture in a nice little epic bow.

Though so little is known about the Flashpoint Paradox, and its effect on Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, reports have surfaced that there will be a unifying big bad for the DCTV Universe. Arrow producer Greg Berlanti explained this much, Comicbook reports.

“I’m going to probably try to have one unifying threat, as opposed to different things on different ones, which is what the first year was.”

Who or what this unifying threat could be is unknown, so it is possible that Arrow and The Flash fans might have to wait until October to find out. Speaking of the Flashpoint Paradox, and its effect on The Flash characters, The Flash Season 3 will see the appearance of Caitlyn Snow’s mother.

The Flash And Arrow Crossover
Reports indicate that Susan Walters will be playing mama Snow, but so far, she will only be dropping by for one episode. The other DCTV Universe shows are unlikely to have her, but she could become a reoccurring character on The Flash. Walters is no stranger to the CW, as she has appeared in The Vampire Diaries and Star-Crossed.

Will the Flashpoint Paradox really stretch over the entire DCTV Universe? Will the CW’s crop of DC Comics characters really be coming together to face one massive enemy in a crossover event?

Leave your thoughts and theories below.

[Photo Courtesy of the CW]

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